Why are we still spending time on this?

  pj123 18:20 07 Apr 2008

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Who cares?

  john bunyan 18:27 07 Apr 2008

Never mind the time - so much public money was wasted as the cause was obvious from the start.Hope D + D RIP and the conspiracy clique shut up at last!

  IClaudio 18:32 07 Apr 2008

I should think many people care, not least the families involved. But the rest of us?.........snore

  Woolwell 18:57 07 Apr 2008

I don't think that the conspiracy clique will shut up. I actually heard someone say that there was a conspiracy to withhold the evidence proving that there was a conspiracy.

Public money is our money therefore our taxes have been wasted.

  anskyber 19:08 07 Apr 2008

Because we are meant to be an open democracy and it is usual the hold Inquests after a death.

If it was held soon after the deaths the conspiracy nonsense would have been more limited. The delay of 10 years almost begs a conspiracy solution.

My view?

They died by an accident arising from a range of circumstances including their own stupidity for not wearing seat belts.

  Forum Editor 19:21 07 Apr 2008

I imagine Diana's sons, for a start.

If your mother was killed in such circumstances I imagine you might quite like to have an inquest jury decide what the official cause was.

  birdface 19:26 07 Apr 2008

If your Daughter or Son was killed in suspicious circumstances I am sure that you would want an inquest into their deaths.This inquest should have been held at the time,You must ask why has it taken so long to hold it.Murder or an Accident.We have the verdict but was it the correct one.I think this is one story that won't go away.So you don't care.Lets hope it never happens to you.

  birdface 20:43 07 Apr 2008

Unlawfully Killed was the verdict.Thats what the inquest has said.I agree it always looked as though it was an accident.Mind so did that last Russian that died they thought that he was just ill to start with.There were never suspicious circumstances.I must have been watching the wrong news reports.Now that it has now been resolved we can stop moaning about how much it cost its not that long ago that we spent billions of £s keeping a certain bank open I am sure a couple of million will not make much difference.

  merc. 20:43 07 Apr 2008

Also why did the BBC news nearly have to devote most of tonights 6 news to it, after 10 years most people a feed up hearing about it.


  Quickbeam 21:02 07 Apr 2008

"after 10 years most people a feed up hearing about it."... 'bout what?

  Forum Editor 22:41 07 Apr 2008

when criticising Al Fayed, that he lost a much-loved son in very tragic circumstances. Diana's death tended to overshadow that fact, but for Al Fayed it must have been a terrible shock, and his subsequent behaviour tends to make me think that he hasn't been able to come to terms with the circumstances of the situation.

I hope for his sake that he can now begin to realise that the matter is firmly closed as far as the legal process is concerned.

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