Why are they still called "Bumpers"

  wee eddie 22:20 20 Jul 2010

That piece of material at the Front and the rear of your Car is still known as a Bumper.

Once upon a time it was built of an absorbent, or flexible, material that was designed to protect the main bodywork from minor damage.

Now-a-day it seems to be built of a material that disintegrates at the slightest touch, offering not the slightest protection for the rest of the car's bodywork and requiring to be replaced at great expense.

When I lived in Chelsea the form was that, when parking, you reversed into a slot that appeared large enough but, of necessity, giving the car fore and aft a little nudge to get yourself in. How do you metropolitan Folk do it now?

  john bunyan 22:37 20 Jul 2010

" How do you metropolitan Folk do it now? "
With Southern skill, and the use of electronic sensors front and back. (Not forgetting my cast iron tow bar in place of a bumper.)

  Forum Editor 22:58 20 Jul 2010

do as john bunyan says - we park without bumping the cars at front and back. Often we do it with parking sensors, but if they aren't fitted we do it by knowing the length of our vehicles to the nearest millimetre.

  Quickbeam 00:30 21 Jul 2010

They're now designed to give and flex when you run a person over instead of breaking their legs, but it's still best to avoid running people over, the paperwork is a real bind...

Why are they still called "Bumpers", why not, we know what's meant by the name, just like the dash board that came from horse drawn carts.

  Strawballs 01:56 21 Jul 2010

My Primera has a parking camera just above numberplate I can get that into smaller spaces than I can my daughters fiesta. It also scares people when they see me reversing towards their pride and joy without even looking out the back window.

  morddwyd 08:18 21 Jul 2010

Well, we've stopped calling the rear seats rumble seats, we also now have wings instead of mudguards, so maybe one day we'll get rid of bumpers too!

(Yes, thank you. I know a rumble seat is actually something slightly different)

  BT 08:19 21 Jul 2010

Modern car seat design makes it almost impossible to turn round to look over your shoulder. When I learnt to drive in the early 70's you turned around with your left arm over the back of your seat when reversing but the height of modern seats makes this almost impossible, so its now the norm to use the mirrors instead.

Forum Editor

When I lived in London the folk in the areas I lived and frequented didn't bother who they bumped. My car looked like it had been in a banger race after a very short time. Since I've lived in Norwich there's not been a single extra mark on it in 5 years.

  sunnystaines 08:21 21 Jul 2010

got a small reversing camera.

  Strawballs 08:31 21 Jul 2010

Great arnt they

  Quickbeam 08:35 21 Jul 2010

They're still mudguards if they're only wheel covers. When they integrate into and with the main bodywork, they become wings. click here some examples.

  Quickbeam 08:36 21 Jul 2010

The US export spec MGB GT in the '70s was the first car I can remember having a soft bumper instead of the old chrome channel type with shin breaking overriders click here The body contoured soft bumpers that we have now have evolved from those early US export spec models with the help/interference of the EEC/EU...

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