Why are good games never made for pc?

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:49 12 Apr 2005


My brother plays all the grand theft auto games on his ps2,and i play the GTA games on my pc.

Comparing them both to graphics,the pc definately wins,its a crisp picture on the pc without any bumps (apart from if you are doing a scan) and on the ps2 it seems to leave trails slightly.

So if a standard PC beats PS2 graphics,why on earth do they bring the new games out on PS2 before they do PC?

And I prefer the keyboard or joystick,joypad to a playstation controller.

Seems silly to me.

  Totally-braindead 19:21 12 Apr 2005

I think the answer is simple if you think about it. All PS2s are the same but all PCs are different, different processors, different amounts of memory etc and perhaps most importantly different graphics cards. I would imagine the PC games come out later as it takes more time to test them with all the different PC hardware. Of course I may be wrong but it certainly sounds reasonable to me. I agree with you about the graphics though, if you have a decent spec PC with a good graphics card its far superior to the PS2 but then with the PS2 you don't have to spend money upgrading so I suppose it evens out.

  pauldonovan 19:33 12 Apr 2005

I'm not convinced...most games to my knowledge are designed to run to a 'standard' these days. I'm talking about say DirectX or OpenGL. I think it was more of an issue in the past.

I suspect it is an issue of size of market. Probably the biggest market for games is kids/teenagers (across the board). A one to two-hundred pound console, which you can plug into a tv (versus your mum & dad's PC that they don't want you playing/installing games on) is much more realistic.

So the console is the 'lowest common denominator' - affordable, practical, 'sexy' (versus the cream box thing with a keyboard), transportable and comes with a joystick. This I suspect appeals to the younger generation that are probably the main mass market for games producers. Economics dictates that they can probably make the most money from that mass market at a given price so that's where they go.

Mind you, most games I would have thought come out multi-platform these days other than a few. Don't they? I've spent far too much time playing Battlefield1942 for my own (or my wife's) good so I think it is a bit harsh (but certainly provocative) to say 'good games are never made for the pc'...but I see your point...to a point.

  Forum Editor 19:41 12 Apr 2005

It's that old favourite "market forces" at work here, and game writers know that the market for console games is far larger than that for PC games. Graphics quality - although not unimportant - isn't the main consideration here.

Portability, image, and cost all come into the equation, and so does the fact that gamers tend to be young - at least the majority of them are. They will play PC games, but consoles rule - for now, anyway.

  pauldonovan 19:53 12 Apr 2005

... because I can see it changing as PC manufacturers are trying to 'invade' (not sure that is a fair word to use actually) the living room with 'converged' devices.

Once your PC = small, sexy, affordable and as already (IMHO) better graphics and sound than a console, and arguably better connectivity and given these factors 'everyone' will have one (or three) then I think the division between console, PC, dvd recorder etc. etc. will be gone.

  Dan the Doctus 20:04 12 Apr 2005

Next-generation consoles are already starting to hit the market and the most powerful of these have yet to make an appearance. It'll be interesting to see how they fare against modern PCs.

  Charence 20:09 12 Apr 2005

You can't word process/go online (or can you?!) on a console can you? Therefore you need a PC. But if they bring out games on console first, they'll be a reason for some people to buy a console as well which means that companies such as Sony get more money! :-D


  Totally-braindead 20:43 12 Apr 2005

if they bring out games on console first, they'll be a reason for some people to buy a console as well which means that companies such as Sony get more money! - I can see that certainly and graphics quality not being the main consideration - I can also see that as well as consoles being cheaper to buy than a PC so yes they'll have a bigger market but to take it slightly off the original topic I can't agree with the graphics cards not being an issue, Direct X is still an issue theres a hell of a lot of graphics cards out there that are not compatible with Direct X 9 which is what all the newest games use, also I've noticed that a lot of the newest games won't work with the MX series of GeForce graphics cards, whether thats because of the Direct X 9 issue or not I don't know. As a gamer I'm forever having to muck about with patches for games caused by problems with the particular graphics card and graphics card driver I have at the time. If I remember FE you posted some time ago about a game you bought for your kids that you couldn't get to run and it was the graphics that was the problem, I can't remember how it turned out if there was a patch or if you had to get a new graphics card but the point I was making is it must take the games creators more time to test the game when there is all sorts of different types of hardware out there, all GeForce cards and ATI cards are not the same, what I mean is I've seen a lower cost GeForce card handle a game no problem whereas the more expensive faster and newer GeForce card locked up when both were running the same graphics card drivers. That is why I thought mistakenly perhaps that this was the reason the PC version of a game was almost always out after the PS2 one. I don't know of anyone personally who plays games on their PC who has had no problem running a game due to a graphics card issue.

  Starfox 22:53 12 Apr 2005

Hi Ben.
I think if you take Halo 2 as an example,as it is only available on X-Box at the moment,and a pc version is a long way away(if ever)the people who played the first Halo game and can't wait to play the sequel will have to buy an X-Box.

Now if it was available on pc first I think the X-Box version would struggle to sell in large numbers.

If you take Nintendo as another example then you will never see one of their games on a pc(well not a legal one)and Nintendo always had a reputation for makeing quality playable games,so to play their games you need one of their console.

Hope this makes sense.

  pauldonovan 23:04 12 Apr 2005

..graphics card issue. And that was probably several years ago. Perhaps my experience is unusual but to run a game on perhaps 10, 20 or even 100 graphics cards isn't the biggest expense out there compared to development, marketing etc.

Especially when you consider that much of the (massive) cost of developing say a PS2 game has already been spent and I suspect much of the graphics etc. are transferrable, so I'm thinking the additional cost of PC Development/Testing can't be too prohibitive. But when weighed against the market for it, perhaps it is.

But don't *most* current games come out now on all platforms anyway?!

  Kate B 01:56 13 Apr 2005

Starfox, not actually true - I have Soul Caliber II for PS2 and my sister has it for her GameCube. In fact games manufacturers want to shift as many units as possible so it's more likely that you'll see games available for most, if not all, platforms. The only exception I can think of is Halo2, which basically drove the uptake of the Xbox, as you pointed out.

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