Why are cats so weird?

  gengiscant 13:20 19 Feb 2011

Came across this click here which reminded me of a cat I used to have. It used to disappear for months on end in all weathers,didn't matter if there was a foot of snow on the ground out it would go each night and not come in.

It also hated all but myself, my partner could not so much as go near it without the thing lashing out with its extended claws.

I think it thought it was a dog, as the doorbell was enough to raise its hackles and wait at the front door for any person foolish enough to step over the thresh hold. Having friends round was a serious problem.

Beautiful black cat though.

One day he went out and never returned. A strange animal indeed.

  Forum Editor 13:25 19 Feb 2011

We tend to assume that animals are all OK as far as their mentalities are concerned, but of course that's far from the truth - you can get 'odd' animals, just as you can encounter odd people.

Any vet will tell you that although all cats (or all dogs, or all budgies) have common characteristics, individuals vary considerably in terms of their behaviour.

  peter99co 13:33 19 Feb 2011

I have seen this One Person Only behaviour in a dog. It is in protecting mode.

My dog used to lay on the feet of visitors to stop them from moving about.

The same thing must apply to cats I suppose.

  OTT_B 14:10 19 Feb 2011

I used to have a cat that was all but psychotic. He really thought the whole world and everything in it was there for him to kill. It was close to impossible to pick him up without sustaining some nasty injuries - not good when his latest kill needed confiscating from him! And kills were frequent - 4 or 5 animals a day sometimes. Gardening gloves and long sleeves had to be available at all times in case he needed to be touched.

Yet, every night when I went to bed he would lie down on the pillow next to me until I fell asleep, as if to protect me.

Alas the poor kitty got run over on one of his 'outings'. Despite being of dubious character, he was certainly a good cat!

  gardener 14:37 19 Feb 2011

A friend of ours had a cat that would get up and roll in it's litter tray whenever she sang 'Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen'.

Now that is weird!

  BT 16:57 19 Feb 2011

Our cat - a rescue cat from RSPCA - has learnt to 'say' things.
When he wants his food he 'says' what sounds like WA-WA and its the only time he makes this particular sound. For his dry food crunchies its WA-AH.
He also chats away all the time with a noise that can only be described as like a duck quacking.
He loves to sleep flat on his back with all four legs in the air.

  jakimo 17:19 19 Feb 2011

My cat will not eat her food unless I stand next to her while feeding,if I walk away she does the same.

  morddwyd 19:44 19 Feb 2011

We had one who would come and go through the conservatory window as she pleased, all day, but first outing in the morning, and the last one at night, had to be through the door.

  Legolas 21:27 19 Feb 2011

That is quite common with cats both my brothers cat and my cat like you to go with them to their feeding bowl, although unlike yours mine will stay and feed once I have walked away.

  onionskin 21:43 19 Feb 2011

Do all cats do this before going out - if it's raining at the back door, they want to see if it's better weather at the front door.

  rdave13 22:34 19 Feb 2011

Cats are evil. No wonder they got tagged as 'familiars' in the olden days. Soft as putty in the house when they need something and killers outside the house just for the sake of killing.
Foxes are the same.

Absolute vermin. Ugh...

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