Why always me

  carolineann 19:15 08 Dec 2004

That has to go up in the loft to get all the Christmas decorations.

The yearly battle with my husband now begins.

He wants yet more flashing, musical lights , I don’t.

I have already seen many computers with snowmen, father Christmas lights etc.etc.

I wonder if any members of this forum decorate their computers at this time of the year?

  Dorsai 19:57 08 Dec 2004
  VoG II 20:36 08 Dec 2004

No I don't but people at work do.

  kev.Ifty 23:20 08 Dec 2004


click here


  dan 11 08:33 09 Dec 2004

Nice one Kev. :-)

  justme 09:57 09 Dec 2004

Perhaps your husband is scared of spiders and other creepie crawlies which often inhabit lofts :-)

  Sethhaniel 10:36 09 Dec 2004
  DHC-2 01:21 16 Dec 2004

You've got to be kidding?????????????????

  end 00:26 18 Dec 2004

the ones at work (hospital) have been "included" in the decorations; and an electric tree is installed in one of our workstations ( so forget "Health and Safety at Work" with electric wiring etc);
christmas at home is , well...least said:(

and I even have a flashing christmas tree thingi pinned to my chest while at work;
so , can rightly be called a" flasher "; adds to the fun of life in a very stressful and dynamic environment::))

  josie mayhem 22:02 19 Dec 2004

No this year I've not bothered with my office (home) the rest has taken about 3 days to complete. With mutterings of you said last year you wouldn't be buying andy more decorations (hubby)

Best bit of all, me and hubby are working all over christmas, boxing day, and every bank hoilday, except New Years day!

  Buchan 35 23:28 19 Dec 2004

carolineanne, perhaps you have to go up to the loft because you put last years decorations there. Are you really spoiling for a fight with Hubby? Certainly looks like you`re ready for one. Look ahead now to Christmas morning, you and Hubby up bright and early the children being good mannered and quiet, until presents are given out and then all of you cooing and billing over your good fortune. Not in any house I`ve ever been to at Christmas. Last night`s hangover has barely made inroads to humanity when two or three hurtling bodies spoil your beauty sleep, and any chance of waking up as slowly as a hangover deserves has flown the coop. Screams of delight (or derision) paper everywhere, and some fool has White Christmas playing loudly on the CD player.
Now, carolineanne, tell me you`re going to enjoy Christmas, because I don`t think you`d have it any other way, and nor would I.

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