why all the packaging?

  p;3 20:35 14 Apr 2007

when all I want are the goods inside? must add a tidy sum to the original cost of the goods themselves?

  Watchful 20:41 14 Apr 2007

I often wonder about that and all the waste from discarded packaging.

  TOPCAT® 23:36 14 Apr 2007

excess packaging of various maufacturers of chocolate Easter eggs. Several brands were checked and weighed and Nestlé came top with a massive 40% of its total weight in the packaging! TC.

  Joe R 00:10 15 Apr 2007

As an under-manager with a packaging company, I am of the opinion, that the more added packaging, the better. :)

  p;3 00:19 15 Apr 2007

cough cough....as a comsumer attempting to infiltrate the outer layers to reach the destination of the goods I thought I bought............ and preferably before they are 'out of date' or .....

  donki 01:29 15 Apr 2007

Well if the good u ordered were damaged, people would complain about the lack of packaging and from a guy who used to work as a part time postie in my uni days..... trust me the more packaging the better!!!!

  laurie53 09:41 15 Apr 2007

To quote the usual basic example - a swede has perfectly good natural packaging, why does it need to be wrapped in clingfilm?


  Monoux 09:44 15 Apr 2007

And there was me under the illusion that Swedes were the race that wore less clothing :o)

  pj123 16:01 15 Apr 2007

The only time "all this packaging" is essential is if it is being sent via Royal Mail.

I sent an item via courier that wasn't in any packaging at all. It was a wheelchair and all it had on it was a tie on label with the destination address. It arrived, no problem, the next day as arranged.

I seem to remember some time ago there was a store that had all their products packed in single white boxes. Nothing else except wording that described what was in the box. No brand names, no logos. Probably didn't catch on because no one knew what sort of quality the goods were.

  Diemmess 17:30 15 Apr 2007

For Royal Mail

Imagine taking your parcel and giving it a hefty drop kick.
Would it survive? No? Well pack it a little better first.

Really safe, must also include dropping something heavy with a sharp corner right onto it.
I don't condemn postal services, it is just the way high volume packets are handled. Private couriers by and large are much better.

Even so, I received an XD memory card in a relatively huge parcel from Germany, where I thought they were ahead of us in ensuring minimal waste packing.

  TOPCAT® 18:49 15 Apr 2007

When I received my Netgear modem recently its own sealed box was enclosed within a much larger one which was surrounded by masses of big bubble wrap. Until I checked its weight I thought I might have to strengthen my office desk to accommodate it!! :o)

Packages sent through the mail, or by courier, have to be sufficiently protected against hard knocks, being dropped or downright carelessness on the part of various handlers. Of course, there's no guarantee these days that it will arrive in pristine condition, but it should be well worth the extra effort in most cases. TC.

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