Why all the fuss over the new Princess

  ponytail 10:25 03 May 2015

I really cannot understand all the hype and fuss over a new baby.This is a girl who is going to want for nothing everything she wants will be provided and is just another mouth for the great British hard working public to feed and cloth.Surely there are more deserving and important things going on in the world just look at Nepal for instance.

  Pine Man 11:19 03 May 2015

I really cannot understand all the hype and fuss

....and I suspect that there are others like you BUT the overwhelming majority, worldwide, are extremely interested.

  onthelimit1 11:22 03 May 2015

The Mail on Sunday has 13 pages devoted to the story AND a 20 page pull-out. Ridiculous!

  Forum Editor 11:34 03 May 2015

Millions of people feel differently.

Let's understand that we're not all the same, and allow those who are interested in such things to enjoy the event. regardless of personal opinions, the simple fact is that our constitutional monarchy is envied the world over, and I imagine the interest in new baby will generate a substantial amount of revenue for our economy - probably far more than any cost to taxpayers she incurs.

  Forum Editor 11:38 03 May 2015


....A perfect demonstration (if one were needed) of how the 'masses' will give their hard-earned to the obscenely wealthy, without batting an eyelid.

And in the case of the pensioner who you deride, are happy to do so. You might find it unbelievable, but it's a fact. Millions of people are proud of our Royal Family.

That probably doesn't resonate in the cynical bubble you inhabit.

  ponytail 11:44 03 May 2015

Unbelievable, a pensioner outside the hospital had presents for the new baby, and a toy car for her brother (so he would not feel left out!!!) and then proudly says that he'd put a fiver inside the toy for the Prince

What a waste of money when there are far more important things it could be donated to.I cannot believe these presents will ever be used anyway.I am surprised they have not announced a public holiday to celebrate the event.Some people have more money than sense and I always thought pensioners were struggling for money

  ponytail 11:50 03 May 2015

I am pretty certain that this event will not be of any financial benefit to me or to the majority of the british public maybe some big businesses will benefit but am pretty certain it will not be passed down to the general public but more than likely to their shareholders

  Belatucadrus 12:43 03 May 2015

To a point I agree, the birth of the new princess is totally irrelevant as far as I'm concerned but it's not as if Nepal has been knocked out of the news or forgotten. And your apparent stance that anybody with a contrary view is either senseless or in it for the money is at best dyspeptic. Do what I do, ignore it and let those that care enjoy a bit of good news in a world full of electioneering, earthquakes, Isil and Boko Haram.

  QuizMan 12:46 03 May 2015

It's a free world so if that is what people want to do, then so be it. Personally, my copy of the Mail pull out went straight in the bin. I am grateful we have a monarchy, but I don't need a 20-page pull out to prove it.

Get this and the election out of the way and I do wonder what will the broadcasters will find to follow next.

  ponytail 13:14 03 May 2015

I wonder how much the Mail on Sunday will make on this and every other paper.I normally get the mail on Sunday most weeks as I think it is best for the sport section but today did not bother to get one

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:22 03 May 2015

Well done Kate!

You have given us something else for the newshound to tell us other than the "election lies".

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