Who's film's are best Yanks or Us (uk)

  charmingman 01:21 25 May 2007

Freind of mine is a film director (b movies ect NOT big screen) we just had this disscusion on who makes the most realistic films i said us (UK) not just cause i am from the uk but its true take a look at movies like "One More Kiss" or Trainspotting or even as far as 28 days later........

we make much more unpredicable movies where as the movies like speed or any jean claude van dam movie...you can see whats going to happen.

does anyone agree we make the most realistic movies,i am not asking for the best just the most realistic..

  charmingman 01:22 25 May 2007

upps should of titled it whos films are the least unpredicable...oh dear i am expecting a ear bashing

  picklsey 06:05 25 May 2007

for action probably US but they are predictable movies,you know blood and guts and very unreal.but for a really good who done it movie i would say UK there,s usually a good twist to it that you didn,t think of unlike the US one,s where you,ve usually guessed about 10mins. into the movie.

  Colin 07:57 25 May 2007

It's nigh on impossible to make a comparison as the USA makes so mamy more films than the UK. I would favour American films overall, as although they make a lot of rubbish, they also make a lot of excellent films. I find that the UK makes a lot of their films to suit the American market, not the other way round.

  Quickbeam 08:18 25 May 2007

About a year ago I recorded 'Kind Hearts & Coronets', which I still watch regularly... there's no doubt that British films have a certain timeless charm compared to Hollywood brash. But I'm open minded... I recently watched '11:14', an American black comedy, every bit as good as Ealing's best with a last minute twist.

P.S. I can't bring myself to watch the Hollywood remake of Kind Hearts & Coronets... it's just not on to steal such a quirky British plot!

  MichelleC 09:23 25 May 2007

in film-making. Take any US film with action and you've got cars being machine-gunned with no damage, cars flying high in the air for no reason and any number of unrealistic action sequences.

When you compare our directors like Ridley Scott, John Frankenheimer, Mike Hodges, Danny Boyle, et al, with their US counterparts there is no comparison.

  Kate B 09:31 25 May 2007

Bit of an impossible comparison: British filmmakers make films in the US - look at Danny Boyle and Sunshine, for starters - and US filmmakers make films here. And then what about directors from the rest of the world? Peter Jackson springs to mind - he's a Kiwi.

  Cymro. 11:15 25 May 2007

Well the Americans certainly have the money to spend when they make a film, but the measure

of a good film is not how much it costs but how good it is, or as charmingman says how realistic

it is. I think the Americans make some very realistic films, they also have more

experience and professionalism than most film makers in this country. The problem is that

they also make some rubbish and considering how much they put in to making their films that

is rather surprising. But let`s be honest this country has also produced some right

rubbish over the years.

  TalYasis 11:18 25 May 2007

I love the current silly and crazy American comedy films.

We don't really do good comedy in the UK.

  Cymro. 12:35 25 May 2007

There are plenty who will nor agree with you on that one. I will not even bother

to list all the very good British comedy's. I am sure someone else will do that.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:19 25 May 2007

I have to agree about British comedy films'. The older ones are quite good but the new ones are as funny as a strangulated hernia. I'm afraid we cannot make comedy films now but we can make excellent TV comedy series.


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