Who would play cricket in Pakistan now?

  Quickbeam 01:01 04 Mar 2009

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Pakistan is fast becoming a pariah state. It seems to me that there is a big chip on a lot of Islamic shoulders, and Islam needs to act with the tolerance it is supposed to embrace.

  laurie53 07:49 04 Mar 2009

Don't really see the reference to chips on Islamic shoulders.

I suspect most of those killed, and their killers. are Muslims.

This is just your common or garden terrorists trying to de-stabilise the country so that they may prosper.

It grieves me to say it, but Pakistan, being a warrior country, needs a warrior government.

Democracy is patently not working.

  crosstrainer 08:21 04 Mar 2009

Sadly...No team, and not for many years to come. I also hear on the news this morning that the English players involved in the IPL are "Re-considering" their positions in the light of yesterday's tagic events.

It may be too early to consider Pakistan a "failed" state....But it's getting there.

  carver 08:42 04 Mar 2009

You never know but some good could come out of this, Pakistan if nothing else looks upon it's cricket squad as the next thing to gods(just below cows) and it might just realise that stamping down on terrorist organisations might just be a good idea.

It now might have the backing of it's own people in justifying any action needed.

  Quickbeam 08:44 04 Mar 2009

Good point.

  WhiteTruckMan 08:50 04 Mar 2009

on so many levels.

As deplorable as it may be, in the minds of many around the world the word islamic is synonymous with terrorist. And an attack on something as harmless as a cricket team represents just one more demonstration of the contemptable barbarity of a belief systm shared by a significant portion of the worlds popuation.

I also find it sad that after a quick (and addmitedly far from exhaustive) troll through various news sites I have found that not one of them thought it newsworthy enough to name any of the dead policemen.


  user8 08:54 04 Mar 2009

Talk of Pakistan v Australia being played in England before or after the Ashes.
But the means they could be playing in September!

In the papers today that the Indian government may now ban the IPL from being played on the grounds of national security!!

  interzone55 08:55 04 Mar 2009

You're mixing your religions - it's Hindus who worship cows, not Muslims...

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  carver 09:13 04 Mar 2009

Doesn't matter what religion you care to mention or where they are from, and by the way there are Hindu's in Pakistan, not many I will admit, but still Hindu's.

But just for you I will also add "and for some of them above cows".

Feel better.

  Quickbeam 09:19 04 Mar 2009

The problem with play extra games in this country is in the available light in the Spring or Autumn for a game that needs 8 hours for up to 5 days.

But there is no reason why the existing grounds can't have a test a week between them, giving two test series running at the same time. Not every ground gets a test every year and there are other grounds with the facilities that would embrace a test game.

  spuds 09:39 04 Mar 2009

Perhaps looking at it from another point of view, I remember when air jacking and terrorism as we know it today came into being on a much bigger world-wide scale (Terrorists have been with us since the year dot, in one form or another). At that time it was stated that air travel would suffer tremendously, and very few people would fly. Not so, because people found travel by aircraft was the only fast means of getting from A to B in the most fast and comfortable way. Thousands of jobs and living styles were effected to some degree, but life still goes on, and it will do so in this case.

Quite a number of countries in the Middle East throughout and to South East Asia are hot beds in terms of fundamentalist, and it always will be so. Centuries of inter-fighting or believes will not go away, because some committee as decided that it should.

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