Who is watching the tennis then?

  Cymro. 15:52 05 Jul 2009

The wife is watching in the other room so I listen to the commentary while on the computer. I go through every now and again when the game seems to be getting to an important point. I can`t be doing with these five set matches, don`t have the attention span. But I will go through to watch the final set or any tiebreakers. Anyone else following the game. That's the Wimbledon tennis tournament final before someone asks what tennis. .

  norman47 16:06 05 Jul 2009

in this household.

The only thing we have seen of the tennis is Murry's dismal failure, again, on the main news.

Now the ashes is a different story.

  wiz-king 16:46 05 Jul 2009

I have seen a few clips - by accident - I played tenis as a schoolboy a few years ago -- well 45 years ago -- but it is not something I can sit, watch and enjoy.

  Si_L 16:51 05 Jul 2009

Yep, watching it on the BBC site, looks like its going to a 5 setter :)

  DANZIG 18:03 05 Jul 2009

I'm sitting here watching it bored senseless, but the other half loves it so I'm stuck with it.

Brings me back memories of when I was a kid and my televisual entertainment just disappeared for a fortnight every summer

  Forum Editor 18:09 05 Jul 2009

in between seeing the odd patient or fifty. She has a TV in the clinic, one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one - permanently tuned to Wimbledon - in the lounge.

She's a Wimbledon fan, but that's all about to change - The Ashes cometh.

  ulrich 19:17 05 Jul 2009

I will be watching, for me, something more interesting on BBC 2 at 2200hrs Moto GP from Laguna Seca.

  Stuartli 19:55 05 Jul 2009

The Wimbledon final was a classic - Federer and Roddick played themselves virtually to a standstill.

Both displayed equally immaculate sporting behaviour after the match and neither said "You know" or "I'm over the moon" even once when interviewed...:-)

  laurie53 19:58 05 Jul 2009

"on the main news."

Chance (to watch the news) would be a fine thing.

The BBC seem to have cancelled it (yet again).

  Stuartli 21:16 05 Jul 2009

The BBC News, according to a message on screen was on BBC2.

  natdoor 21:55 05 Jul 2009

How can anyone who watches cricket think that tennis is boring? I watched the whole of the men's final and both semis as well as about three hours or more almost every day of the championship. Just missed out a bit because of playing golf. I used to visir Wimbledon fairly regularly and saw Rod Laver win one of his finals. It has got too crowded now.

The final was absorbing and very tense. I felt that there were rather more errors than would be expected but the pressure obviously told. I wanted Federer to win but am sorry that Roddick had to lose after coming so close.

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