Who wants to be a beta tester?

  Forum Editor 23:53 23 Mar 2011

Following our very successful test of Norton 360 back in 2009 the company has again asked to organise a testing panel for a new version of Norton Internet Security and Norton anti-virus software that will launch later this year.

The testing will begin shortly after 14th April, and we're looking for 50 volunteers. The first test was highly successful and very popular, so we'll allocate places on a strictly first come, first served basis. Norton has made an exclusive offer of a free 1 year licence to each member of the PCA test panel.

If you would like to participate in this test please email me ([email protected]) with the words 'Norton beta' in the subject line, and tell me that you would like to take part. DO NOT post a request in this thread as it will not be registered.

Participation will involve installing and testing the software over a two week period, during which you will be required to post feedback in our special beta forum.

Email me as soon as possible please. You'll receive an acknowledgement telling you whether you have been successful in gaining a place on the panel within a day or so of your application.

  Uboat 00:26 24 Mar 2011

FE i remember doing this back in 2009, it was really good fun! & i appreciated the free av for the year! good luck with this...

  Forum Editor 07:54 24 Mar 2011

Feel free to apply again if you want to.

  Covergirl 12:27 24 Mar 2011

. . . you get a spare sports car / speedboat / lear jet / top end PC or laptop etc etc . . .


  Forum Editor 14:44 24 Mar 2011

Don't hold your breath.

  QuizMan 19:59 24 Mar 2011

I am not sure about the timing of this. Those of us that undertook beta testing of Norton 360 have had their year's free licence expire.

From other threads I get the impression that we rated the product very highly and have invested in another 360 or Norton Internet Security 3 licence version. Whilst I would be happy to test, I am not sure the offer of NIS 1 licence is all that attractive.

  sunnystaines 20:07 24 Mar 2011

I was one of those testers and my licence ran out about a week ago so had bought another copy, wish i had know this was comming up.

but I would say the offer of another free licence for your beta testing is still a GOOD offer.

I always enjoy the beta testing.

  QuizMan 20:17 24 Mar 2011

I have just e-mailed FE offering my services, but I have asked for clarification on one point. I have used all 3 licences of my NIS 2011 replacement and am keen to ascertain if I am likely to come up against a problem when uninstalling one licence to test and later re-installing pending receipt of the free version.

Or maybe we keep using the beta version until release of the final product. I cannot recall if there was a delay last time between expiry of the former and receipt of the latter.

  carver 20:27 24 Mar 2011

If you do the beta testing all you do afterwards is reinstall your original copy and everything is back to normal.

  QuizMan 20:48 24 Mar 2011

Thank you. I just wondered if Norton had any sort of counting process as that would be my 4th install and I was concerned that there may be an issue when I input the licence key for a 4th time.

  ams4127 22:16 24 Mar 2011

I bought and installed the latest Norton 360 a couple of months ago. I found it to be the most intrusive programme I have ever used, forever popping up and wanting to do things.

I'm happily back with MSE now and will definitely not be testing.

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