Who says it's a free country?

  rawprawn 18:38 05 Oct 2008

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We have more surveillance than any other country in Europe. Is this a step too far?

  Pineman100 18:43 05 Oct 2008


We'll be told that it's all for our protection against terrorism. But it's exactly the kind of erosion of our democratic principles and values that the terrorists are seeking to achieve. So it just means that the terrorists have won.

  lofty29 18:59 05 Oct 2008

Terrorism, sex offences, drug trafficking, any escuse will do. the government will not be satisfied until every tiny ascpect of our lives is controlled, the ultimate aim would probably to eveyone fitted with a electronic survelence tag, anyone think I am going over the top, what about the national dna datbase they would like. And they will alwasy say that law abing citizens have nothing to fear, how about local councils using anti-terror legislation to pry on innocent people for spurious reasons, you can be dead sure that any government legislation will be misused by someone, and the other thing we can certain about is that it will not be secure.

  Miros 19:25 05 Oct 2008

Can't understand the objection of law abiding citizens object to surveillance. You may just as well say do away with the police on the street in case they catch you up to mischief, or the traffic cops as they may catch you speeding.

I'm not an out and out goody two shoes but if I was caught breaking the speed limit I should be prepared for the consequences. I Don't do bank robberies or hold ups nor do I beat up little old ladies on the street so won't loose any sleep on that score.

Without doubt some terrorist prosecutions have relied to a certain extent on surveillance eveidence that you are querying. So I would say the more the better.

  Condom 20:05 05 Oct 2008

Yes I quite agree. I just got a letter from the local council telling me I had used 3 sheets of toilet paper in their convenience against the statutory 2. Bad Gordon

  interzone55 20:40 05 Oct 2008

This kind of surveillance is totally impersonal.

All it will involve is a load of computers scanning emails, text messages and phone calls.

It will fail miserably because any half decent criminal or terrorist will use encryption (unlike certain government agencies), so any computers will have several years backlog of messages to scan.

Also the voice recognition on the phone lines won't understand anything except received pronunciation.

This means that only terrorists who work for the civil service have anything to fear...

  GRIDD 21:00 05 Oct 2008

If it roots out paedo rings, fraudsters and them elusive "terrorists" then so what...

Now that company (phorm) that wants to monitor my net usage to serve me spam & adverts... no thanks.

  Forum Editor 21:16 05 Oct 2008

to something that will have absolutely no impact on the lives of 99.999% of the population.

Anyone who thinks that scanning technology is going to be remotely interested in their private life is way off the mark. Your freedom to go where you choose, when you choose on the internet, to send emails to Kiley's fan-club, and to phone your mates about next week's conker play off will be unaffected.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:29 05 Oct 2008

to be damned annoyed at the nosy snoopyness (is that really a word?) of a government -local and national- and its agents into our private lives when said government displays an appalingly cavalier attitude in practice to the security of our personal data.


  spuds 22:10 05 Oct 2008

The government passed laws to help safeguard the country against terrorism. Those same laws are now being used by council's and other bodies, not for the purpose of preventing terrorism but for other activities, like surveillance as to what you have in a wheelie bin, or whether your property is in the correct school area.The actual lists are far reaching.

CCTV or other types of cameras are in most areas, yet we are still being told that we are talking nonsense, if we question the reasons why.

  DANZIG 22:15 05 Oct 2008

It annoys me, I have to agree, all this snooping on the little things in our private lives.

However, there are other countries out there who do not enjoy the freedoms we do.

At least I can feel safe sitting in the pub discussing politics and how useless the government is without the fear of the secret police turning up at my house the next day and whisking me away for 'observation'.......

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