Who is ripping of whom in the music industry...?

  Z1100 22:50 02 Nov 2006

I have been using a rather nice website to download my music. I can purchase an album for around $1.00-£0.70p

Now, I am not one to miss a bargain, not in music anyway as I am a bit eclectic. Not to mention Scottish... On the other hand it is so cheap and I know itunes charge £0.70p per track and that makes me think.

I have looked at the site and I have been using it for a while and it has copyright notices stating that they pay the relevant 'whatever' to whomsoever it concerns. In fact I have seen the site on the news and they said that whilst the site is 100% legal the 'Music Industry' was trying to prevent them from marketing the music at that price, globally.

So, is this just me thinking I am ok to buy and have no need to clean my conscience or is it really possible that sites can sell this cheap and the only people that have a problem with it is the 'Music Industry'?

I won't publish the site address here 'cause folks keep saying it is rude, suffice to say it is in Russia.

What do you think?

  rodriguez 23:00 02 Nov 2006

I saw a Russian music site that offered albums for around this price and it turned out that Eastern Eurpean gangs were behind it and taking customer's account details and someone was trying to get it shut down. I can't remember the name of it, but someone else on here probably will.

  Forum Editor 23:30 02 Nov 2006

The site you refer to is well-known, and has been the subject of much controversy over the past few months.

It certainly isn't 'legal' in the copyright sense, because no British copyright holders have received a penny from the site's owners/operators.

You're referring to allofmp3.com and you might like to take a look at their disclaimers, one of which says:-

"The Administration of AllOFMP3.com does not possess information on the laws of each particular country and is not responsible for the actions of foreign users."

In other words, they're trying to absolve themselves from blame. Nevertheless, what they're doing is illegal under the UK copyright laws - they can't possibly be paying copyright fees if they're charging 70p for an album download.

  Z1100 00:04 03 Nov 2006

I am certainly NOT referring to that site and I take umbrage at you casting such an accusation with no proof at all.

That said, if you want to know which site I am referring to please feel free to e-mail me, (you know where I am) and I will send you the link in e-mail. I am sure that you can use far more resources to find out about this site than I, but I assure that this site was on our very own BBC News service and they said it was legal. In fact I nearly fell of my chair when I heard the into to the topic.

However, the word legal to you and I may be different to that of the music industry and this particular site. Nevertheless, it operates and I (almost) trust the BBC. Well I trust them more than the music industry that is for certain...

That said, this is 'speakers Corner' and I am keen to hear many more opinions on this subject before the hammer falls.

I am interested in the comments from rodriguez, it is interesting that this would deter people if it is indeed true as I can draw a perfect similarity between our own home grown 'Republicans' and a very large country over the pond. The money that funded the campaign was dirty but still many 'over there' thought it was neither morally or politically wrong to hand over cash. For now though I am much keener to hear about the music industry and their apparent hold over the music they licence.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:27 03 Nov 2006

You need to get off your high horse and smell the coffee. The site cannot be legal charging these prices and if you held any copyright material you would be well unhappy. If you cannot afford £10 for a CD (Tesco)Or Itunes/Virgin for less than a quid, then there is no hope for you. Just because the BBC says it is 'legal' does not mean that it is. there is a certain amount of common sense required.


You can't ask for advice about a website but then keep us in the dark by not saying which one you are referring to.

I fail to see how posting a link to it could be deemed as 'rude'

  Z1100 12:38 03 Nov 2006

and this is much more of a discussion than a request for advice and it is good to see that it has provoked some strong replies.

GANDALF ; Thanks for the response, I will try to address your point. You say the site cannot be legal charging these prices... I would say that is much like comparing the cost of petrol in the UK to the cost of petrol in the good ole US of A. At half the price we pay it is still correct. We just pay more tax.

Now I do not claim to be an economist and I know that this is extraordinary, a single track for 10 or 15 cents. Maybe there is more underneath this difference in the cost to download music, frankly I do not know. I relish the thought of finding out and hearing more opinions but somewhere I suspect packaging, move to market and 'local' tax on the product (the recorded track) has a lot to do with this. And just maybe the music industry keeps the price artificially high in the same way that OPEC do for oil. That and the fact that there is more of a back cataloge than New hits.

Just because the BBC says it is 'legal'... I find it interesting the off hand manner that you would dismiss that age old institution; The BBC. I know it is not the most accurate source of NEWS but it is better than... well it's not the National Enquirer. I wish I could find the Video clip but it was 3 or 4 months ago that it was broadcast.

If you cannot afford £10 for a CD... I can assure you though I have never knowingly copied, pirated or otherwise accepted any copyright material and on the occasions that I have un-knowingly received material I have destroyed it or replaced it with originals. (I blame e-bay mostly so I don't go there but Amazon has its rouges too).

There is a certain amount of common sense required...I will say this though, If I find this site to be illegal I will format the drive that has my downloaded tracks. I have free will and common sense but I also have a house and a budget and certain luxury demands, those should be put aside here though as I do not want to personalise this thread, I would much prefer to hear opinions in general and specifically those for and against the way that a downloaded track costs much the same as the one packaged in a jewel case.

[email protected]; As I am new face to the forum I must keep you in the dark because once already I was 'frowned upon' for leaving a url. maybe someone can correct me on that one, the rules are lengthy and I have a Bussines to run.


  hijo 13:02 03 Nov 2006

"Z1100" i feel sorry for ya m8 theyve just bit ur head of for been honest...!!! i do part company there with u tho m8 as i dont pay for nothing i simply "torrent" it as its free,yep iam a naughy boy a greedy geezer a fool BUT..!! here me please the music i listen to isnt all this new RNB stuff i find most of it realy aggressive for no reason,iam not stuck in the 70/80 or 90's just unamused @ the quaility of artists out there now,now dont be offended iam a little weird so my music taste is differant.lol i belive ive paid my "due's" to the artists in the past b4 the use of p2p/torrent was even thought of, i bought hundreds if not more cd's in the old days but over the years lost/broken them so iam just replacing what i had b4,i dont download hardly any of this new stuff so if u think iam a cheap skate so be it i wont stop,why should i...? if ur offered every album u could possibly want for the price of a blank cd...whos the fool..?(this is not aimed @ u z1100.:-))
whilst i can well appreciate that i wil get GRILLED for this iam 100% sure there is most people with copies of XP on there pc's or in there music collection copies,or sometime in there lives have had/got a copy cassette/disc...????? iam not on my own here..
"z1100" be carfull on this site m8 if its russian ..!! there is other site u could use where u could get ur music from

Well if you want someone to pinpoint to you exactly how this site operates and manages to charge so little, you will have to post the link otherwise you are just going dismiss any suggestions on the basis that "the BBC said it was legal".

I am more inclined to think that you have mis-heard what the BBC said and that it IS legal in Russia due to a loophole in their old copyright laws, but NOT legal in the UK where I presume you live.

Unless there is something seriously dodgy about the site that we aren't aware of, I assure you that you won't be frowned upon for posting a link to it in order to clear up any confusions over the legality of it.

  Z1100 21:12 03 Nov 2006

click here

But there it is, I AM Breaking the law whether the site is legal or not.

Incidentally, the legality of the site I visit is not the core of this thread it is a sidebar.

The core is, Are we being squeezed by the music industry or not. And the link above is a perfect example of what the music industry is capable of. They would have me by Judas Priests latest album 3 times. One for my stereo, one for my car, one for my PC and one for the little boy that lives down the lane...

hijo; No offence taken.

[email protected] ; I can assure you I did not hear wrong, I know that because the 'man from the industry' was spitting feathers when 'aunt Beeb' told him it was not illegal for anyone to download material from outside the UK borders provided that material was not banned inside our borders Hardcore porn for example.

And just for the record, there has been no misuse or abuse or theft from my card and to the best of my knowledge my identity is intact. Though some days I do wish someone would steal my identity so I can apply for a better one... JK Folks!


  I am Spartacus 21:42 03 Nov 2006

So you bring up your child in what you consider a proper way and thieve stuff?

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