Who is this person?

  Clapton is God 09:08 22 Jul 2010

For the last 2 or 3 weeks letters have been arriving at the Clapton is God residence and, yesterday, a large parcel was left on the doorstep. All of these items are addressed to “Miss Holly Cheshire”.

We've no idea who “Miss Holly Cheshire” is. She isn't one of our known neighbours and she isn’t someone who previously lived at our address because we’ve lived in the property since it was first built in 1993.

Thus far we’ve marked each envelope “Return to sender. Not known at this address” and dropped them back into the nearest post box.

Mrs Clapton is God will be returning the parcel to the Post Office today marked with the same message.

Our patience is starting to run out as it’s inconvenient to regularly drop envelopes back into a post box and to make journeys to the Post Office.

Where do we stand on this? Can we simply discard the letters as rubbish and keep the contents of parcels as unsolicited goods? Or should we have a chat with the local Constabulary?

  wiz-king 10:08 22 Jul 2010

Only two listed for England public electoral Roll 2010
Holly A Cheshire, Tyne And Wear, NE16 4BZ
Holly J Cheshire, Gravesend, Kent, DA11 8QA

Are either the postcodes a letter out from yours?

  Clapton is God 10:16 22 Jul 2010

"I would seriously have a look at your credit file, it could be you are a victim of identity fraud"

Which is precisely what's driving my concern. Although 4 months or so ago (before Miss Cheshire appeared on the scene), my credit was clean as a whistle.

Neither address is anywhere near me and the postcodes are not even remotely similar to mine.

  BT 17:08 22 Jul 2010

Regardless of the fact that its technically 'illegal' to open someone else's mail, I would do just that to see if there's any clue as to where they originate. Then you could possibly get in touch with the sender. I've done this on one or two occasions, then resealed the envelope and marked it 'Opened in error'

  spuds 00:52 23 Jul 2010

Notify the Royal Mail Investigation section. They should take the necessary action on your behalf.

  Big L 266 07:36 23 Jul 2010


I agree with BT. I open any post which has my address on it even if its not with my name. I'm glad I have and returned mail to the sender including a bowls fixture list, an expensive wedding invitation and DWP benefits award notices none of which were for me as I live alone.

I think you must do a credit status check on yourself to see whats on your credit card file.I suggest Experian as I do a one-off twice-yearly check to see if what's on my account. In the past,I found I had a few Chinese people registered at my address but which were quickly removed. For the sake of £7.00 it'll be worth every penny.

You can't keep unsolicited goods unless they were in your name. You would have to give the sending company a chance to either collect the goods or give you sufficient postage to send them back with.If they ignore you,then you have a right to keep the goods after a statutory minimum legal time.(I don't know what that is sorry.)

I think you should check with your local council Electoral Roll to see who else other than you and Mrs God are at your address. You should definitely contact the Police and Trading Standards to see what else can be done to rid you of this problem.

I wish you well.

Big L 266

  john bunyan 08:09 23 Jul 2010

My bank's credit card offers, for about £85 a year, to insure against identity theft - ie where someone , for example, using the electoral roll to find names and addresses, tries to get credit in your name. I have not taken up the offer, but they did point out you can do a one off check (I think about £2) with Experian or another credit agency re your credit rating.

  BT 08:21 23 Jul 2010

Thst's a lot.
My Capital One card does it for FREE

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