Who offers the best

  tommagumpi 10:00 30 Mar 2006

So who offers the best builds, service & customer support then??

  pj123 10:31 30 Mar 2006

Well, they all "offer" the best builds, service & customer support. I don't think anyone is going to say "our customer support" is great but our computers are rubbish are they.

Whether they deliver what they say is another matter.

  ezypcy 11:34 30 Mar 2006

Given a bit of time and practising on a few old pc's then the answer could be 'you'.
When I first started building computers I fully stripped down an old machine;writing down everything including drawings.After rebuilding it I wondered where this extra 3 wired cable should go?
Yes,on the motherboard.(No it was for a 2nd floppy!).Shortly after switching on,I smelt burning!!!

However,since then I have built/rebuilt 50/60+ computers. If you fancy doing it then go ahead.Buying all the parts can be get fun and save you much money.Not only that you have this super forum to help you along the way.

  bremner 11:39 30 Mar 2006

You say "Buying all the parts can be get fun and save you much money"

I used to build machines but now find it impossible to match the main maunfaturers prices.

Dell sell a machine for £249 including Windows XP HE!!

Where are you managing to save any money?

  Totally-braindead 11:45 30 Mar 2006

Agree with ezypcy in most of what he says but the saving money item, well, if you want an entire new PC its cheaper to get a company to do it even if its a custom one, they get the parts cheaper than you can, and subsequently their price is lower. Its a cutthroat business building PCs, if you think I exagerate then find a system a PC manufacturer is selling and check the price against what you would be paying for the components. Its quite an eye opener.

If ezypcy refers to the building of your own PC helps you learn and therefore saves you money in that if anything does go wrong you can fix it yourself rather than depend on a repair shop then I have to agree. Over the years I've built rather a lot of PCs and had some sort of fault on them all at one time or another. If I wasn't able to fix these things myself it would probably have cost me hundreds perhaps thousands of pounds over the years.

  bremner 11:52 30 Mar 2006

Your ability to fix computers has really saved you money by not having to employ someone else to do it.

But most machines now come with a three year warranty so the only problem is the inconvenience of having to return it for repair.

  ezypcy 11:58 30 Mar 2006

You guys are not wrong.
But remember we can all go out and buy a cheap saw,hammer and a bag of nails.....lol

I have noticed that you may not get the best quality Ram nor the latest optical drives etc. from these companies unless you go for the high spec ranges.Remember that cheap saw!
You might be sending it back sooner than later when it damages your joy.

  keith-236134 13:02 30 Mar 2006

I've just built quite a high spec comp with bits from ebay, cost about £100.

  rmcqua 13:05 30 Mar 2006

..go on, please give us the details. Sounds interesting.

  amonra 13:09 30 Mar 2006

Like a lot of our members I built my own machines for years and years. All my friends and family have a "ownbrand" PC which have been relatively trouble-free over the years. BUT last year I checked the web for prices of bits and pieces, and came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth it any more. I can buy a lot of bits at wholesale prices but even then the like of Dell can leave me cold. And as Bremner says they include WinXP !!!
I've swallowed my pride and bought a Dell and I'm very pleased with it (so far).

  spuds 13:20 30 Mar 2006

What is the point of having a posting of this nature. I think we all know by now, by reading this forum, different people have different attitudes and opinions. One person who as purchased a computer, and it worked straight out of a box, with no need to contact the manufacturer or support service is going to say " fantastic". Another person, purchasing an identical computer from the same manufacturer, who as had many problems from day one, are going to state that the company is "absolute rubbish" or something very similar.The same applies to the 2000/4000 a day supplier to that of the 10/20 a day supplier. Whose going to show the best value and performance ratios!.

I have dealt with various companies, and possibly like most people will give severe bad comment at times of wrong, and possibly give very little comment at times of good.

Specification wise, would depend on a persons actual needs and requirements. What the flavour of month, is next months obsolete model, at the rate computer components are being manufactured.I am using a 4/5 year old computer system, which is more than adequate for my personal needs, and value wise, doesn't owe me a penny. Why should I select another system, with all the bells and whistles, because it is the 'in' thing.

Customer or support services is paramount (for whatever problem) in my opinion, but even the 'old reliables' seem to have failures in terms of some people expectations. Nothing more sole destroying, than spending half an hour on a 0870 call being constantly told that your call is important. Then finally getting a response (if your nerves are still intact)and being told " Can't help you, it's a software problem", only to find that it was not after many other calls. Again, this is all down to human error and nature. Lazy and bad trained staff= customer dissatisfaction. Good, responsive trained staff= customer satisfaction (you may even go back and buy more).

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