Who has opened up the Xmas Chocolates too soon...

  Z1100 12:11 07 Nov 2006

Come on, I can't be the only one ;)

I am too easily excited and I blame my wife for buying them and not hiding them like my Mother used to. ;)

In fact, I would open a bottle of drink too early in the journey too and then need a pee... ;)

But it is exciting! And I can't wait for the 'Holidays are coming' advert from that famous soft drink company… When that hits the screen it’s Full on into Christmas!


  rodriguez 12:13 07 Nov 2006

No one's sent any chocolates to me yet :-( they normally wait till about a week before xmas...but I think I'd be tempted to eat them as well.

  Kate B 12:26 07 Nov 2006

No Christmas stuff until after my birthday, if you don't mind *scowl*

  Apron 13:47 07 Nov 2006

but I have started the luxury chocs thaat I bought for someone's leaving pressie. Will now have to go on an earlier bus and visit the choc shop in Ely before the goodbye.

  Altruist 15:35 07 Nov 2006

and some brandy snaps; and some brandy-laced mince pies :0)

  Sapins 15:58 07 Nov 2006

I'd have to buy them on Christmas morning to stop me.

  v1asco 17:40 07 Nov 2006

I have.

My dearest gave me a nice assortment of M & S chocs yesterday.

I leave to join a ship tomorrow/thurs and she knows I won,t pack them as they usually get crushed, melted or other.

As a result I have to open them and cannot scoff them all in 24 hours and travel comfortably without tummy rumblings or worse. So guess who else eats them.

Its a little tradition thats been going on for 25 yrs, guarantees all get an early taste of Christmas.

  lisa02 20:09 07 Nov 2006

click here

Just for you Z1100

  rodriguez 20:16 07 Nov 2006

Last year I saved all my presents till xmas morning and I didn't start on the whisky till just after 11am. So at least I was patient and waited till xmas :-D

  PurplePenny 20:48 07 Nov 2006

Not me: I don't buy anything for Christmas until we are in Advent and I never open Christmas goodies or pressies before Christmas Day.

  Z1100 23:56 07 Nov 2006

Have my babies!

No, really, I mean come and take them away...! ;)

'chuckles and sings' "Holidays are coming, Holidays are coming"


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