Who has installed XP SP2 & what do you think?

  georgemac 20:37 09 Aug 2004

I know it's available for some from today, & beta testers have had it for a while.

As for me I'm back off to work tomorrow for a couple of weeks, and intend to install SP2 when I get back.

I'm hoping that I will get plenty of feedback & tips in this thread, which will not only help me but others too who are thinking of installing SP2.

Thanks for all the replies (hopefully)

  spikeychris 20:53 09 Aug 2004

Well I have it but at the moment I'm still tying to figure out why the latest updates from M$ (not critical) have killed my Network connection. Every time I restart I have to disable my WIFI card then re-enable for it to work.

I think I'm holding back a while with SP2.

  keverne 22:31 09 Aug 2004

The last time I looked at the Microsoft forums for SP2 beta there was a lot of discussion about WI-FI problems similar to that which you have described.

Normally I just dive in and hope for the best. Not this time though - I'll need a lot of convincing before I go ahead and install it.

  Forum Editor 22:58 09 Aug 2004

with SP2 and wireless networks. I've beta tested SP2 since it first saw the light of day late last year and for all that time I've used the various beta versions on a wireless network without a hint of a problem.

It's early days to be asking for reactions quite frankly - it'll be a while before a consensus emerges.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:37 10 Aug 2004

I've been using the beta version for a couple of months now and to be frank there is little visible difference.

I'm sure that there is loads underneath the surface and at 250Mb there damn well ought to be, but anyone expecting the second coming (there seems to be an unnatural fever about XP2 amongst fanboys) is going to be sorely disappointed.


  Chegs ® 04:12 10 Aug 2004

Installed and working.

First job,disable the firewall,I'm on a router so its not neccessary.

Second job,disable auto update,I want to know whats getting loaded into my PC.

The AntiVirus is not wanted,but I'm blowed if I can locate howto turn it off.I use AVG and I like it,why did M$ include this after all this time.If it had been included with XP from day one,then fair enough,but to "shut the gate after the horse has legged it" (Blaster,etc) is crap.

SP-2 has removed my customising of my desktop ability.Each time I altered explorer.exe,XP changed it back again.I have disabled SFC in the registry,but the SFC_OS.DLL no longer has offset 0000E3BB (E3BB hex) to change the 8BC6 bytes to read 9090.The offsets there,but not 8B or C6,so I'm likely to get stuck with the garish green "Start" button each reboot(yuk)Its not exactly life threatening(before Gandalf loads up the sarcasm)but annoying to me.

SP-2 can be uninstalled via Add/Remove,but I will run with it awhile and see what else I dislike about SP-2.

  Chegs ® 04:30 10 Aug 2004

I have just found that SP-2 detected my AVG and is actually reporting that its upto date,not as I thought,another AntiVirus. :-)click here This is the "Security Centre" where you can switch on/off the firewall/auto update,etc.

  The Spires 09:17 10 Aug 2004

Works fine here as did the beta's,

  The Spires 09:17 10 Aug 2004

Works fine here as did the beta's,

  spikeychris 09:53 10 Aug 2004

JTPO my WIFI issues are not SP2 related. They are however updates related.

  Lead 11:02 10 Aug 2004

The pop-up blocker is a welcome addition.

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