Who does a blind person’s guide dog belong to?

  pj123 15:43 07 Aug 2007

Not the blind person apparently.

My partner was talking to a blind person on the bus today. He said due to some complaints his dog was taken away from him.

She couldn’t remember all the complaints but one was: “I was feeding my dog fish and chips.” Another: “I kept it in the garage 24 hours a day.”

He now says he struggles to get around, but does the best he can.

How can the RNIB do something like that?

  wee eddie 15:47 07 Aug 2007

They have been given similar powers to HM Customs & Excise when it comes to the Health and Lifestyle of animals.

  Earthsea 16:20 07 Aug 2007

I always thought blind people were given instruction in the use and treatment of their guide dog. If this isn't the case then it should be. If he/she mistreats the dog then it is correct to have it withdrawn.

  Stuartli 16:29 07 Aug 2007

See the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association's website re guide dogs:

click here

  cycoze 16:34 07 Aug 2007

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association i believe own the Dog, they pay a lot of money having it trained and also training the Blind Partner, again i believe a nominal fee of Ten Bob is paid by the Blind person to the Association, but ultimately it is the associations decision whether or not a dog can remain with its partner.

To feed any dog a diet of Fish and Chips and keep it in the garage is pretty daft and unhealthy but to do it to a working dog is ridiculous! that's if it is true.

Any complaints should be investigated thoroughly, a Dog will not be removed at the drop of a Hat.

The Association covers most if not all the daily costs of the dogs, from Veterinary bills to harnesses.

The Partner has a responsibility to the Association and the Dog to keep it Healthy, Happy and concentrated when working at all times, they are taught how to feed and groom correctly.

  hastelloy 17:02 07 Aug 2007

the RNIB and GDBA are completely different organisations although there are occasions when they work together.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:53 07 Aug 2007

“I kept it in the garage 24 hours a day.” ...am I missing something here or did he deserve to have the dog taken away? There is a reason why dogs should not be fed fish and chips and I'm sure blindness does not mean that you lose you common sense and sense of responsibility.


  Forum Editor 17:54 07 Aug 2007

and keeping it in a garage for 24 hours a day comes under the heading of mistreatment in my book - the woman deserved to have the animal removed from her 'care'.

Being blind isn't a licence to treat an animal like that.

  Al94 18:16 07 Aug 2007

The same would apply to Hearing Dogs for the Deaf

  Curio 18:18 07 Aug 2007

Are these not allegations and not statement of fact? I see nothing in the original post that these are admissions. That needs clarification.

  Legolas 18:29 07 Aug 2007

As you say it seems that someone complained that that is what the woman was doing but would they have removed the dog if there was no truth in the allegations.

Surely they would have investigated the complaints thoroughly, or at least I hope they would before taking the extreme step of removing the dog.

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