Who are these people who know what everyone wants

  pj123 14:58 23 Nov 2007

Extract from an email.

"It's the Christmas gift that everyone wants but it's the hardest gift to get hold of".

I don't want it, and nor do 10 other people that I have asked.

How about you?

It is:
"A Nintendo Wii
The Nintendo Wii is a new games console that revolutionizes gaming . There are lots of great games available to buy for the console and with the new Wii Remote it will be great fun for all the family. The Nintendo Wii is accessible to people of all ages and all abilities so not only would it be a fantastic present for children, but it could be brilliant Christmas treat for you. Imagine the scene on Christmas day with a brand new Nintendo Wii!"

I can't imagine more dire!

  €dstowe 15:33 23 Nov 2007

They are probably the same people who pronounce "The Nation is in mourning" following the loss of some football game. I'm not in mourning over it, neither is anyone else I know, even fans of the game (which, I must confess, I am not).

  Cymro. 15:41 23 Nov 2007

It`s these people in the media again isn't it.
If it`s a slow news day then they must find something or other to try and get us all exited about.

  Brock100 15:43 23 Nov 2007

surly it is the mythical THEY as in they say blah blah blah

  wolfie3000 15:49 23 Nov 2007

Sales blurb so they can get rid of a dire console,

Maybe if it was an Xbox360 then i might tend to agree but a WII?

"Imagine the scene on Christmas day with a brand new Nintendo Wii!"

Yeah, tears and dissappointment.

  dagbladet 16:08 23 Nov 2007

Is it the 'acclaimers'?

The acclaimed this, the acclaimed that. Who is going round doing the acclaiming? Indeed is there an acclaimer that is so good at acclaiming that he/she is an acclaimed acclaimer?

The nation needs to know.

  ventanas 16:22 23 Nov 2007

I want one :-))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:35 23 Nov 2007

I want one too.

Need the excerise instaed of sitting here typing on the computer.


  cycoze 16:47 23 Nov 2007

Who decides they know what you want? the manufacturers and shop keepers is who.

  Forum Editor 17:11 23 Nov 2007

and nothing to get too serious about, is it?

  laurie53 20:35 23 Nov 2007

That's what "they" all say!

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