Whitney Dies & Fame

  Input Overload 01:30 12 Feb 2012

Whitney Houston

Tonight I thought how lucky I am not to have the pressure of being famous, sad to see her die & I'm really glad I'm not rich or famous. It seems the pressure is great? Too great for me I think.

Driving home from a visit to relatives I counted my blessings instead of what I haven't got.

  theDarkness 02:00 12 Feb 2012

I couldnt find much info aside from 'having an overdose' 15 mins ago-sad to hear. I dont think shes had much media attention in the last few years? I expect the media to take advantage of this recent news with some greatest hits collections released for xmas or far sooner

  Quickbeam 11:35 12 Feb 2012

'...or far sooner'

The music industry won't let St Valentines day escape them without realising the cash potential of another rock n' roll death bonus.

  Quickbeam 11:37 12 Feb 2012

That reads even more cynical than I thought it possibly could.

  Aitchbee 11:48 12 Feb 2012

QB - how is that possible in a day and a half?

  Aitchbee 12:45 12 Feb 2012

fm - wot's that todo wiv St. Valentine's Day?

  spuds 14:20 12 Feb 2012

Over the past few years, and perhaps after the film success, she as been a very troubled lady. Only a couple of weeks ago, there were photographs and media reports about how 'ill' she was becoming!.

Perhaps the strains of re-inventing herself for this forthcoming celebrity event, finally took its toll. But I wondered really know this, just possibly another one of those wild guesses?.

  spuds 14:22 12 Feb 2012

wondered = would not?.

  Blackhat 14:57 12 Feb 2012

She may have drowned in the bath.

Found in bath

  Forum Editor 15:10 12 Feb 2012

Whatever the cause of her death, nothing can detract from the fact that she had a truly stunning voice. The kind of singing voice that doesn't come along too often.

  rickf 16:10 12 Feb 2012

She was a sad woman and fame and money did not make her contented. You could tell from her last concerts in which she was off key and booed. Her personal liofe was a disaster, she just wasn't cut out for fame and fortune like so many before her. Great voice at her height.

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