Whitby Harbour

  carver 19:08 22 Dec 2010

It has to be cold for this to happen click here in December.

Even the river Ouse has frozen click here

  Al94 19:35 22 Dec 2010

I heard a forecaster on the radio who was claiming the Thames would freeze over in January

  Forum Editor 20:07 22 Dec 2010

some beautiful images. It takes quite a while for seawater ice to form, because as ice forms on the surface it sinks, and slightly warmer water replaces it from below.

Minus ten in Whitby obviously did the trick. Penguins in the high street next.

  Bingalau 20:16 22 Dec 2010

I've got pictures somewhere of when the Niagara Falls froze over with people actually walking and climbing on the falls. Now that must have been cold. I wonder what the temperature was then? It was about a hundred years ago I think.

  morddwyd 20:36 22 Dec 2010

I'm afraid I found Whitby a very cold place even in the summer, but a slightly different coldness.

It is the most disabled unfriendly place I've ever been in, and having wanted to visit it for years we left after an hour or so.

I hope we were just there on a bad day!

  namtas 21:05 22 Dec 2010


You need to stay at least a week to really get to take in the warm feel of that truly delightful corner of North Yorkshire. Did you not even try the fish and chips?

  Quickbeam 07:21 23 Dec 2010

Or visit the Dracula church?

There's no gulf stream on the East Coast, so it's known for being a bit on the bracing side most of the year.

  morddwyd 07:22 23 Dec 2010

It was just Whitby, not North Yorkshire as a whole.

We were staying in Pickering where the hotel could not have bee more welcoming, nor could the townsfolk.

As for the fish and chips, our local chippie regularly wins the coveted "Best in UK" award

click here

and we don't find much to beat them.

  Covergirl 09:45 23 Dec 2010

. . . when it was relatively unknown - since then it's been featured on holiday, cookery (James Martin and other programmes) and has got a bit more popular/commercialised/touristy.

We 'holiday cottage' there for a week off peak every year and enjoy the peaceful, uncrowded atmosphere along with the bracing weather, cold snaps, snow, frost etc. We only just managed to 'escape' over the North Yorks Moors this year on the 27th Nov. Beautiful scenery in snow.

We're not disabled, so manage the steep hills, ginnels, long, stepped alleyways and don't really notice how "disabled unfriendly" it is. The famous Magpie fish restaurant has 8 stone steps up to the door, but many other fish restaurants are available in Whitby.

It must cost a fortune for all these businesses to create disabled access for the relative minority of disabled people.

  morddwyd 15:19 23 Dec 2010

Wasn't the physical problems which upset us, Whitby is no wor5se than a thousand other places in this respect.

After all, they can't be helped, and we would no more complain about that than complain about being unable to get to the top of Ben Nevis.

It was the sheer unhelpfulness, selfishness and in some cases downright hostility of the people that got to us.

We've never come across such attitudes anywhere else, either in N. Yorkshire or the rest of the UK.

We enjoyed the rest of our holiday in N Yorkshire, as we have most places, but Whitby left a sour taste.

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