The whinging voice of doom

  Pineman100 15:59 03 Feb 2009

Yet again, today's lunchtime BBC news was dominated by the world's most intractable problem.

Yes, you've guessed it. The snow.

Starting on Sunday night, this event has dominated the media. Horror stories of people stuck for literally hours in their homes, schools closed, buses and trains not running, airports at a standstill. It's Armageddon.

And all over a bit of snow.

OK - lots of people were inconvenienced, a fair number of companies lost a day's work and the normal routine of a weekday was considerably disrupted.

But so what? Does it really justify over half of a half-hour news bulletin, time and time again?

Of course, most of the vox pop interviews have been people looking for someone to blame for the breakdown in normal transport services. "We're like a third world country" said one man. What rubbish!

And there were endless comparisons with countries who experience heavy snow every year, yet keep their transport systems running despite this.

If this country invested in the type and quantity of equipment used in Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, Switzerland and similar cold-winter countries, the kit would mostly stand idle year after year. And the media would soon start looking for someone to blame for the wasted expense.

Could our media perhaps do with a rethink on their sense of priorities?

  oresome 16:06 03 Feb 2009

The snow was just what we wanted!

It provided a welcome diversion from the economic gloom and doom. I think the media sensed we were all getting fed up of that and were looking for something else to latch onto.

But I just sense the disapointment of the film crew when they're stood on some motorway flyover and the traffic is moving freely.

  Cymro. 16:07 03 Feb 2009

You rightly criticise the media but this forum is little better. There are several threads about the same subject. I must accept responsibility for at least one of them myself. They do say the British are obsessed with the weather perhaps this now proves it.

  ulrich 16:23 03 Feb 2009

It's on its way back, Thursday morning.

  newman35 16:30 03 Feb 2009

I'm so excited to know that, where would we be without weather? (Answer:- outer space, perhaps?).

  wiz-king 17:30 03 Feb 2009

Great Britain has weather, other countries just have climate.

  Pineman100 17:39 03 Feb 2009

I can't remember who it was that famously said, "Britain has the best climate in the world - and the worst weather."

  TopCat® 18:58 03 Feb 2009

This I think sort of puts things into perspective click here

Speaking of our weather, I well remember the occasion when an elderly high ranking Middle Eastern gentleman landed at Heathrow many years ago. It was pouring with rain and he was met on the tarmac by an official carrying a second umbrella. He apologised profusely for Britain's atrocious weather but the dignitary simply said, "My son, where I come from this rain would be worth its weight in gold."

I often think about that occasion whenever a moan about our weather tries to enter my head! TC.

  DippyGirl 21:26 03 Feb 2009

As snow is something that mst of us dont see very often - other than watching nature programmeson the Beeb ...does this mean this onece in a generation weather crunch qualifies for HM Gov gazillions?
Make a snowman and vote it in !

  DippyGirl 21:27 03 Feb 2009

sorry dodgy keyboard! ==== yeah!

  MAT ALAN 21:29 03 Feb 2009

Don't think a snowman is PC anymore i am sure it would have to be a snowperson.. HO HUM...

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