Which web browser do you use most often?

  PC Advisor 15:52 23 Mar 2011

Firefox 4 has made a strong start, with five million downloads within a day of launching. (click here)

But has it convinced you to make the switch from your previous web browser? Or were you already a Firefox user?

Let us know which web browser you use most often in the poll in the lefthand column.

  David Price 15:54 23 Mar 2011

Incidentally, if you want to see how PC Advisor readers voted when we ran this poll in previous years:


click here


click here

  Seth Haniel 15:55 23 Mar 2011

pole in left hand column still Census Form :)

  David Price 15:56 23 Mar 2011

Should be ok now, Seth Haniel.

Or here's a direct link:

click here

  Uboat 15:56 23 Mar 2011

just given up on ff however havent tried this new one yet? the one before this new one was constantly timing out/would load images & just been a nightmare so a few days ago i tried chrome & although it was much faster & didnt give me any big issues i dont like the layout of it! everything seems hiden or hide to find.? il try this new FF after ive finished typing this..

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:19 23 Mar 2011

I have been using Opera for several years, now on version 11.01. I have yet to see another browser good enough to make me consider changing.

  alB 17:48 23 Mar 2011

Avant Browser and Google Chrome as a second choice ...alB

  sunnystaines 18:04 23 Mar 2011

ie9 for generalsurfing

ff4 for gmail

chrome for sky tv listings

  Woolwell 18:12 23 Mar 2011

There isn't an option for "There isn't one main browser" or something along those lines. Until about 4 months ago I was using Firefox but then found it slow on this site and switched to Opera. Then when IE9 came along I started to use that as my main browser but I've now got Firefox 4 and still trying to decide which is my preferred browser. I tend to use IE9, Firefox 4 and Opera equally at the moment. Ask in 6 months time when people have got used to the new browser versions and you may well get a different response.

  bremner 18:50 23 Mar 2011

I use Safari and Firefox equally so I ticked both boxes

  sidecar sid 19:01 23 Mar 2011

Maxthon 3 just upgraded from maxthon 2.

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