Which web browser do you use the most?

  PC Advisor 17:35 28 May 2012

We ran this same poll last year, so it's about time we ran it again to see how things have moved on, and who is winning in the battle of the browsers.

Let us know what web browser you use the most in our poll.

Poll: Which web browser do you use most often?

  Aitchbee 18:01 28 May 2012

I use microsoft's internet explorer 8 all of the time....and would give it douze points.

  wiz-king 18:31 28 May 2012

Work = IE9 most of the time but I also use firefox, opera, chrome, safari, dooble and on one old machine netscape navigator.

Home = IE9

  daz60 18:36 28 May 2012

Aitchbee...twelve points?,same as Englebert.HeHe

Just kidding..i once hated Firefox now i have tunnel vision.

  interzone55 19:26 28 May 2012

Chrome almost 100% of the time, for both work and home.

I use IE8 only because our SAP system at work doesn't work properly in Chrome.

  ams4127 19:41 28 May 2012

Mostly IE9 on my PC. On my iPad I use Opera mobile which is lightning fast and beats Safari hands down.

  nangadef 19:58 28 May 2012

IE9 gives me problems with my banks.

Firefox I abandoned after unexplained problems.

Chrome gives no problems at all.

  TonyV 20:23 28 May 2012

On Win 7 Laptop, IE9. On iMAC OSX Lion 10.7.4, Safari 5.1.7. Much prefer IE9, but do not think there is a MAC version. Will have to chase around and see.


  morddwyd 21:39 28 May 2012

Chrome for everything except this site (colour problems)

Never used IE in any of its incarnations since I first went on line in 96.

Still say Netscape was the best!

  Nontek 23:16 28 May 2012

Firefox for me.

  Forum Editor 23:41 28 May 2012

"Still say Netscape was the best!"

Unfortunately the online world disagreed, and the l. You can still download the last version if you feel the need.

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