For which of these uses would you most like an Apple Watch?

  PC Advisor 15:23 10 Mar 2015

In its 9 March Spring Forward event Apple unveiled new details about its Apple Watch, including the Apple Watch UK release date and UK price. We want to know which of its many uses most appeals to you. Read more in our Apple Watch buying guide, and place your vote in our poll.

  Pine Man 16:06 10 Mar 2015

The day I retired I stopped using a watch!

  Forum Editor 17:24 10 Mar 2015

I think these devices will eventually end up in the 'things that marketing departments got wrong' museum.

  john bunyan 17:33 10 Mar 2015

I do use a tablet, a laptop and (mainly) a desktop. However now I have retired I find a Smartphone and an Apple wrist watch a step too far. Life is more than spending too much time on gadgets - gardening, fishing, walking, swimming are far more important ...

I would not take a mobile phone abroad if on holiday either. Of course those with high powered jobs may see things differently!

  mole1944 17:51 10 Mar 2015

I'm like pine man stopped using a watch when i retired,if it#'s dark sleep,if it's light wake up,if belly rumbles eat.Always 100% accurate with me,saying that my clock needs a recharge during the day every four hours.

  carver 17:51 10 Mar 2015

I don't know very many young people who actually wear a watch in this day and age, Apple has spent the last 8 years trying to convince people that with an iPhone they do not need a watch now they are trying to sell a completely useless article at an outrageous price.

  wee eddie 18:08 10 Mar 2015

Something to lay my hammer on

  Aitchbee 20:40 10 Mar 2015

... Phones Under The Hammer ?

  Quickbeam 09:08 11 Mar 2015

"...end up in the 'things that marketing departments got wrong' museum." Just like the classic '70s Casio calculator watch then:-)

I get the impression that marketing departments are really struggling to find something that is truly a must have tech device. The recent disinterest in the tech polls have indicated that we're in a techy doldrums spot. The next device is going to have to be really unique and unexpected to get the techy trade winds billowing sales figures upward...

  mole1944 13:24 11 Mar 2015

Apple it's simple really,bring back a solid state iPod you'll sell millions

  ams4127 23:01 11 Mar 2015

Basically, all the Watch does is act as an iPhone remote control.

Waste of money in my opinion.

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