Which Say Zen The Best ISP & I Agree

  Input Overload 16:16 05 Aug 2006
  Forum Editor 16:47 05 Aug 2006

but it doesn't seem to make sense to say on the one hand:-

"The latest consumer survey from Which? states that there has never been a better time to find a good broadband deal, so long as you avoid "the big three" providers (BT, AOL and NTL)."

and then, later on:-

"One other thing to note is that BT and AOL are by no means terrible ISP’s"

Make your minds up, Which.

I've been with BT since broadband started, and have never had cause to complain. The point is, unless you have used another ISP you aren't likely to know whether yours is better than any of the others, are you? That's why surveys like this are interesting, but that's all - they aren't a definitive guide.

  wolfie3000 16:49 05 Aug 2006

Also Zen have a small user base where as Aol have a huge one so can it be a fair survey?

Iv been with aol for many years and never had any major problems with them.

  Input Overload 17:00 05 Aug 2006

I agree FE, I thought it was interesting that's all. I used BT for three years on BB until I moved house almost three years ago. I changed over to Zen at that time because Zen were able to get me connected here out in the sticks in 4 days from my first phoning them. BT only replied to several emails & two phone calls to India requesting a change over to my new address days after Zen had me connected.

  anskyber 17:03 05 Aug 2006

Yes, but further "evidence" if thats the right word. click here

  silverous 21:10 05 Aug 2006

It makes perfect sense to me. Firstly it isn't a Which article, it is ispreview commenting on which's article. Secondly they are saying a "good deal" can be had if you avoid those companies, then that they aren't terrible ISPs.... i.e. they aren't terrible as ISPs but you won't necessarily get a good deal going with them. The results would seem to be in line with the adslguide findings which I have used in the past. I should comment that I'm with Zen and I have never experienced such great customer service and tech support and have been with Pipex (also good, but not as good) and Clara.Net in the past (they were fine).

  shizzy 22:00 05 Aug 2006

It's their customer service which puts them head and shoulders above most ISPs. Phone calls answered promptly and emails usually answered within a few hours and not days.

  ade.h 22:15 05 Aug 2006

If broadband comes up in conversation, I usually ask "which company are you with and is it any good?" If I compiled a straw poll from the answers, it would back up Which's findings.

  silverous 13:08 06 Aug 2006

Their "live help" type service for support is awesome also. I clicked on it shortly after signing up with them and I was immediately transferred to a chat window with a support person who was incredibly knowledgable...once the conversation veered towards my account he transferred me (in the chat window) through to customer services who were also very efficient and knowledgable. I've never had such an online experience before and for me, who often relies on my internet connection for work, that is important.

  anskyber 14:37 06 Aug 2006

My experience has been exactly the same, not cheap but remarkable value for money given the range and speed of their customer support.

  CurlyWhirly 16:25 07 Aug 2006

I've also has positive experiences from Zen particularly their excellent Customer Service and technical Support which, thankfully, is still based in the UK as opposed to some foreign call centre where they can hardly understand English and rely on cue cards to guide them!

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