Which profession do you mistrust?

  MrNerdy 15:55 30 Apr 2007

It would be interesting to see what people view as the most mistrusted.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:04 30 Apr 2007

No competition and from much personal experience....estate agents, the whole lot and their dogs.


  dagbladet 16:14 30 Apr 2007

Seconded, again from expensive personal experience, Estate Agents.

  Colin 16:20 30 Apr 2007

Estate agents and anyone involved in car sales. I'm not sure if car sales is a profession, but I wouldn’t trust one as far as I could throw one.

  n4165si 16:21 30 Apr 2007

members of parliament
double glazers
jobbing builders
i could go on but i would bore you

  whatustaring@ 16:28 30 Apr 2007

n4165si I AM WITH YOU HERE i think the upmost important is "members of parliament"

they clearly have the most crucial roles above all of the profession's

& yet there is a large sniff of abuse handout/policies/grants ect...

not sure if they is but there needs to be a monitoring Scheme of some sort..& a independant one at that..

  georgemac © 16:44 30 Apr 2007

Car Salespeople

Have not had to deal with estate agents - don't have them in Scotland, work mainly done by lawyers

  DrScott 16:59 30 Apr 2007

Estate Agents
Independent Financial Advisors (not all of them, I know a very good one, but a good proportion of them)

  anskyber 17:14 30 Apr 2007

Isn't it funny how estate agents always describe themselves as "Chaaaartaaared Suurfeyers"

I'm with Gandalf et al.

  €dstowe 17:24 30 Apr 2007

A "Member of Parliament" is not a profession in the way I consider a profession - neither is an estate agent, a car salesman or several others that have been mentioned. Any old lag can come off the streets and set themselves up as any of them, with no qualifications at all - and a number of them do just that.

A profession is acquired by study, learning and obtaining qualifications by a recognised body specialising in that field.

  Woolwell 17:24 30 Apr 2007

I know an MP, an estate agent and an IFA who I trust.

People trying to sell spray on stuff for roof tiles
Cavity wall insulators
Telephone sales

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