Which political party is saying this

  carver 19:46 25 Mar 2013

"Tough new measures to curb immigrants' access to housing and benefits have been unveiled"/ "he attacked Labour for letting immigration get "far too high and badly out of control" and making Britain into a "soft touch".

"The bonds would be paid as a cash guarantee from visa applicants coming from high-risk countries and would be repaid once the visitor leaves Britain."

Past few days I have been seeing this and similar articles spouted more and more and the image of this person enter link description here and his party came to mind.

A few months ago if these sort of proposals had come from Nigel Farage he would have been shot down as being racist but it now seems to be OK to come out with these statements, wonder if it's any thing to do with last by election.

  Aitchbee 19:58 25 Mar 2013

Mr Cameron has spoken out and delivered what many indigenous people in cities all over Britain have complained about ie. the unnecessary drain on the nation's benefit's system by foreign benefits tourists chancing their arm. Well Done, Dave.

  fourm member 20:42 25 Mar 2013

It sounds a lot like Cameron is trying to placate his right-wing by talking nonsense about immigration.

Stopping immigrants from getting Job Seekers' Allowance may appeal to the sort of people stupid enough to think UKIP has something to offer but of 2 million net migrants from the eastern European countries that joined the EU in 2004 only 13,000 have ever claimed JSA.

  Aitchbee 21:14 25 Mar 2013

Cameron will get my vote and the vote of many others who agree with this common sense approach to keeping unwanted Roumanians and Bulgarians from entering our shores and robbing the indigenous tax-payers that keep this nation from sinking to the like's of Cyprus that went bust recently.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:38 25 Mar 2013

Talk is cheap. Lets see the colour of his money.


  Kevscar1 23:37 25 Mar 2013

One news progam said that the percentage of immigrants claiming benefits was considerably lower that the % of native borns so he is definetly being racist.

  robgf 00:05 26 Mar 2013

The trouble with the middle and upper class "experts" that you see on TV, such as Newsnight tonight, is that they are unaffected by migration, or immigration, except for getting a cheap cleaner, or cheap work force for their factory/warehouse. And they seem to know little about it.

So they don't understand how people at the lower end of the pay scale feel, seeing their job opportunities undercut, there is a lot of resentment, which might well lead to civil unrest. All the youngsters who would have got ordinary jobs in factories, warehouses, shops etc, have found that there is nothing for them, except part time, or zero hour jobs. It is sad, I meet a lot of lads, who want to work, but struggle to find anything.

However regarding the immigrants/migrants exploiting the benefits system, that is a load of rubbish, I know a lot and they all work.

There is no putting the genie back in the bottle now, people just have to adapt to the new situation. I rent out a container (we converted it into a shed, it's nice) in my back garden, I have three lads living there. If you smoke (I don't) they can get you cheap ( foreign) ciggies. And I get my car sorted very cheaply. Although I do draw the line at using an unregistered one, although there is no police service around here anymore, so you can do pretty much what you want.

Incidentally, I know a couple of Bulgarians, they have been here for years and are very nice and hard working. So apart from more competition on the job market, I wouldn't panic too much about the Bulgarians.

  morddwyd 08:06 26 Mar 2013

The EU has already stated that such a policy would be illegal, and Cameron knew this before he ever spoke.

Sound bite politics again.


Make up your mind which way you're facing.

You've already said, in other threads, that you will be voting for Salmond and Independence, but he is fully committed to the EU. Now you say you'll also be voting for Cameron, who isn't!

  Forum Editor 08:11 26 Mar 2013


I think you need to do a bit of research about the effects of immigrants on the UK economy - you are, as spider9 so perfectly put it "a spin merchant's dream"

Cyprus didn't "go bust recently" by the way.

  fourm member 08:14 26 Mar 2013


You are right to say that this is a good example of what matters. What matters is not the facts, it is what people believe to be the facts.

It is another example of the notion of blaming someone else for your problems.

I do agree with Cameron that Labour got it badly wrong by allowing much greater immigration than people could accept, even if that was positive overall.

I'm sure mathematicians could argue that the 'surge' in Labour's time wasn't and they might be right. The trouble is people thought it was uncontrolled and got scared.

And scared people, as can be seen, will listen to idiots. Whether Cameron is right to make an idiot of himself to counter Farage remains to be seen.

(When people complained that the BBC was full of left-wing comedians like Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel, the BBC said it was balanced because Nigel Farage was the best right-wing comedian in the country.)

  spuds 09:11 26 Mar 2013

When I read comments being made by some, I often wonder if these are the very same people who fully read all the manifesto's and invite their local politicians in for a cup of tea, say they can hold these 'elected' people to account?.

I think we all know politicians for what they are, and that is plainly spin, depending on the mood of the day.

It's a bit like the recent election, and how the politicians count the votes. It's okay one of their party comes in at first, second etc, but what percentage of the people actually went out and cast a vote. I assume the rest didn't bother, because like me, they are perhaps convinced, no matter what you say or try to do, your vote actually counts for very little in British politics,and perhaps more so today. It's alright making speeches, but the proof of the pudding, is in the eating?.

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