Which older software are you using?

  Simsy 20:00 01 Mar 2011


Another thread, (about desktop pictures), has mention in it of PaintShopPro version 7, (mentioned becasue it's on someones desktop)... This is from about 2001, so it's about 10 years old... I just wonder what other old software folk are using, satisfactorily...

I'm using the following, on Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit;

PaintShoPro 7
Quicken 2000
Post-it® Software Notes Lite Version
Avery Design Pro 5, (I think from about 2004)
DesktopCalendar, V0.42b the XP version
TurboCad V12

(And I should perhaps mention that we have a number of PCs, about 30 I think, at work still on Windows 95... all running one purpose built application, and working well since late 1996!)

(And lots of new stuff as well!)

I'm not being nosey... and I don't really care... I just thought it might provoke some interesting discussion!



  MAJ 20:05 01 Mar 2011

Paintshop Pro 7
Dreamweaver 4
Photoshop 6
Flash 4

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 01 Mar 2011

Adobe reader 7

  jakimo 20:23 01 Mar 2011

Photoshop Elements 7
Photosuite Platinum 7
Lotus Smartsuite

  Fermat's Theorem 20:53 01 Mar 2011

Microsoft Money Version 2.01 1991-1992 - successfuly installed on my Vista Home Premium Desktop via a(n) USB 3.5" floppy disk drive.

  Seth Haniel 21:11 01 Mar 2011

And PSP7. Tried more upto date versions. But reverted back. Do the job I need without the fuss.

  DANZIG 22:16 01 Mar 2011

Is it possible to get free older versions of Paint Shop Pro from anywhere??

  DANZIG 22:16 01 Mar 2011

Sorry!! I mean PhotoShop....

  MAJ 22:23 01 Mar 2011

Not legally, as far as I know, DANZIG.

  Belatucadrus 23:08 01 Mar 2011

I'm also using PSP 7 on the XP, got mine free on a pack of CDr if I remember correctly.
Also Micrografx FlowCharter 7 from 1997 and Namo Webeditor 3 which I think is about 2000.
I've also got a functional W98 machine with older software on it.

  uk-wizard 05:49 02 Mar 2011

At home - Lotus Smartsuite
Photoshop 5 Lite (bundled with a Microtek scanner)
At work a couple of Win 95 machines with dedicated programs on but one lonely Win 3.1 machine that runs a label printer.

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