Which Law Applies

  STREETWORK 22:00 08 Feb 2007

Which Law Applies to parking on the hard shoulder of a motorway or the verge?

Must be some guru out there in digital land...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:04 08 Feb 2007
  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:08 08 Feb 2007

To précis all the links...you can in an emergency or if there is a safety reason to do so. Having a cuppa is likely to get you banged up and you will probably wake up next to a 6' 10" cellmate called Bubba, if you are male, or a similar sized female called 'Gertie the Wrestler', who proclaims his/her undying love to you.


  STREETWORK 22:10 08 Feb 2007

[email protected] GANDALF

Thanks did not think of typing all that into google.

so, how could I park on the hard shoulder legally, such as a permit and who would issue it if it were possible?

  Bingalau 22:15 08 Feb 2007

If you breakdown you can park there legally, for how long I do not know. I imagine emergency vehicles can also park there, such as the A.A. or the police, while they are answering your emergency. ..Bingalau..

  €dstowe 22:15 08 Feb 2007

Why do you want to park on a motorway?

One of the worst pile-ups I have seen was caused by someone stopping on the hard shoulder, opening the driver's door only to have it run into by another car which then spun into the main traffic stream.

  Bingalau 22:16 08 Feb 2007

The "Highway Code" will also tell you why and why not? ..Bingalau..

  SANTOS7 22:17 08 Feb 2007

NOBODY is going to let you park on a hard shoulder lagally except the police when told to do so..

Stationary vehicles on the hard shoulder have been shown to be at high risk of accident involvement. In the event of an unavoidable stop on the motorway, where possible evacuate all passengers onto the embankment or cutting until assistance arrives. Children should be closely supervised. Pets should remain in the car. Lone female drivers who feel threatened should leave the front passenger door open and re-enter the car if another vehicle stops. All doors should be locked and conversation held through a narrowly opened window until the threat is passed. The risk of an accident on the hard shoulder is far greater than that of an attack. Always use the motorway emergency phones even if a mobile phone is available. The police need to be aware of all stopped vehicles on the hard shoulder and emergency phones aid quick location of breakdowns.

  Bingalau 22:30 08 Feb 2007

Santos7. Thanks for that reminder, and as I said before the Highway Code gives up to date intructions. I must buy an up to date one too. ..Bingalau..

  SANTOS7 22:39 08 Feb 2007

I am still puzzled by the question as to why one would want to be allowed to park on the hardshoulder "legally" if you do a lot of motorway driving and you feel the need to stop thats what service areas are for.....

  Forum Editor 22:40 08 Feb 2007

you're likely to attract the attention of a highways agency vehicle - long sections of motorway are covered by CCTV.

I recently had a stone through my windscreen on the M4. I pulled over to the hard sholder and within ten minutes there was a snazzy highways agency vehicle behind me. An hour after that I was pulling back onto the motorway, new windscreen fitted, and car spotlessly clean inside. Service with a smile all round - thank you, Autoglass and Highways agency.

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