Which language?

  Awshum 10:05 10 Jan 2010

Someone sent me a message when I was gaming which reads: "vakn opp ! KJEDER"

There's an accent over the A and the kjeder was all in caps - I think he's calling me names?

  Awshum 10:06 10 Jan 2010

Hmmm. maybe if it's rude I shouldn't have posted. Sorry if it is.

  iambeavis 10:27 10 Jan 2010

If it's Swedish, you're being told to "Waken up !"

  mr simon 11:02 10 Jan 2010

Hurry up! BORED

  Awshum 11:04 10 Jan 2010

Ah, I was playing Tekken 6 and he beat me. He also sent me a pic of himself in an "angry" pose drinking water. lol. He looks Asian, in fact almost like 'Law', and I've never encountered Swedish before. I know a bit of French and that's about it.

Some take their gaming too seriosuly.

Thanks for the replies.

  morddwyd 18:15 10 Jan 2010

Hope he never takes up chess.

He'll need a good book!

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