which countries are represented on PCA forum

  p;3 16:14 19 Dec 2006

just wondered how widely spread the pca forum membership is country/world - wise

there are, at the time of typing this 205526 registered users; allowing for many probable dual or may be triplicate registered (so bumping the numbers up ), where do the 20500+ members live
to start it off; I am in England ,UK; how far widely spread are we over this globe?

also, is English (as used on this forum ) your first language, or do you have it offered to you in your Mother tongue ?

  Bingalau 17:00 19 Dec 2006

Well we know there's "Wee eddie" up in the wilds of Scotland. There's got to be a lot more Scots and also plenty of "Taffs" Then there's me in the Capital of Ireland, (Liverpool). ..Bingalau..

  Jackcoms 17:05 19 Dec 2006

p;3 did ask about COUNTRIES.

Now I realise that in Liverpool you speak a 'foreign' language of your own which is largely unintelligible to those of us in England - but I'm not aware that you need a passport to enter Liverpool nor has it yet declared itself a country.

  Forum Editor 17:06 19 Dec 2006

from most European countries, Russia, America, South America, Australia, South Africa, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. There are probably more countries but I forget right now.

Nothing is offered to anyone in any language other than English.

  Bingalau 17:33 19 Dec 2006

Jackcoms. We will let you in without a passport. But you will have to pay to get out. Your title suggests to me that you may be an ex-matelot "Communication Branch"? So you should be able to communicate even with us Scousers... Unless you are a Brummie. Better stop in case the FE thinks I am getting serious. ..Bingalau..

  Jackcoms 17:36 19 Dec 2006

Ex-matelot - yes.

Comms - no. ;-))

  Bingalau 17:37 19 Dec 2006

jackcoms. Hi mate I'm an ex Bootneck. Have a nice Christmas. ..Bingalau..

  facepaint 17:44 19 Dec 2006

p;3 I noticed you limit it to 'country/world '.
Shame when you consider all those outer space cadets we see in here!

  Jackcoms 17:47 19 Dec 2006

And you too.

And a peaceful New Year? Not for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, I fear. :-(

  p;3 17:52 19 Dec 2006

how world-wide is the membership? try naming the country where you live wherever it is(and dont all say "the UK":))

  Cannuck 18:23 19 Dec 2006

7 months (summer) in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, and 5 (winter) months in Ayrshire Scotland

Bilingual, English and French


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