Which counties are . . sheer ?

  Covergirl 12:53 17 Apr 2008

In a similar vein to the "aitch vs. haitch" thread. . .

Isn't it annoying how most TV presenters these days are pronouncing the suffic "shire" as "sheer" ?

Lancasheer, Gloucestersheer, Warwicksheer . .

Yecchhh !

I think Chris Tarrant may be the most annoying, probably because he's got the highest profile . . .

  Quickbeam 12:57 17 Apr 2008

The Lincolnshire poacher, it's pronounced Lincolnsheer.
In Yorkshire we always say shire.

  anskyber 13:00 17 Apr 2008

There is the other version too of "sher" as in "her" with the "S" in front.

  mrwoowoo 16:51 17 Apr 2008

I get annoyed with the misuse of to and too.
Can't get annoyed with anskyber as he got it right.(O:!
Don't know why i get annoyed at silly things like that, as it's not as if i'm academic,don't make lots of speeling and other mistakes myself.
Ineed a life.
Maybe it's because to and too are the only things i can spell right.

  Bingalau 17:05 17 Apr 2008

mrwoowoo. You could be just as choosy over "There" and/or "Their", it always surprises me the amount of people who get it wrong and it's not going to be picked out by the spell checker is it?

  mrwoowoo 17:23 17 Apr 2008

Ah,now that annoys me as well.
Perhaps it's because they are simply mistakes?
Shire and sheer?Not bothered.I live in Kent(O:!

  Diemmess 17:31 17 Apr 2008

I was born a Shropshire lad.
For a while the county reverted to Salop (Salopia).
Then a few decades back renamed itself Shropshire.
I guess 50% of Salopians still argue with the other 50% over the pronunciation of the county town Shroozbury or Shrowzbury.

  Forum Editor 17:50 17 Apr 2008

that the 'shire' part of Lancashire should rhyme with 'tyre' are you? If you are, you're going to be in a minority, I feel. The common pronunciation is 'Lancasheer' or 'Lancasher' and has been as long as I can remember.

  Forum Editor 17:53 17 Apr 2008

Salop is a very old abbreviation for Shropshire, and in times past was widely used on envelopes. It actually comes from the anglo-French word 'Salopesberia', and as you say, people who come from Shropshire are referred to as Salopians.

As for Shrewsbury, it's Shrowzbury isn't it?

  Why wont it work 17:55 17 Apr 2008

Well I know very few people indeed who would say Gloucestershire over Gloucestersheer for example. As I am at uni I am exposed to lots and lots of different accents and nearly everyone says 'sheer. Personally I think people say it because it allows the word to flow more smoothly.

Strangely though if I speak normally (which apparently is a 'posh' accent)I say 'sheer', but in gloucester speak I'd say 'shire'... so maybe it's just down to accent.

Anyway, people who say 'lieutenant' in an american way instead of 'leftenant' annoy me!

  Brumas 17:58 17 Apr 2008

Spot on, only you favoured the wrong coloured rose ;o) It was always pronounced Yorksher when I was born and bred there a fair while ago.

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