Which brand of home computer did you start out with?

  PC Advisor 12:01 30 Nov 2009

Following on from our previous poll/forum thread (which asked you when you got your first home computer (click here) now we want to know which type of computer you started out with.

With so many machines to choose from, we've gone for brands rather than specific systems. We've been debating the most popular formats in the office - hopefully we haven't missed any obvious ones out.

Answer our poll in the left-hand navigation column, and share your thoughts on the results here

  swanson2 12:20 30 Nov 2009

I polled that I started home computing with a Sinclair Spectrum but I actually started home computing with a ZX81 (including 16KB RAM pack)

Data was written and read via a cheap cassette tape recorder and was very hit and miss.

It allowed me to learn basic and I spent many hours teaching myself simple programming.

Still have it but no longer have the patience to use it.

  babybell 12:33 30 Nov 2009

the Commordore 16+4. I can remember my older sister typing in lines of code for 3 hours, just to hear the computer make a very poor attempt at a wolf-whistle, but we still thought it was great. A couple of years later we upgraded to the Commodore 64 which seemed amazing at the time.

  canarieslover 12:44 30 Nov 2009

I had first seen a Sharp that was being used at a Model Railway Club to control movemennt of trains. I had two young boys at the time and I thought that a computer could give them something useful to work with and ended up with the Spectrum as that was really as much as I could afford at the time. I probably became more hooked on it at the time than the boys did and soon got into Basic programming and then a bit of Z80 machine code. Moved on to a PC when the eldest boy was at college and continued with one ever since.

  Colin 12:52 30 Nov 2009

I first had a Compaq 1996, then a Tiny in 1999, but after that I've always built my own.

  Colin 12:53 30 Nov 2009

I first had a Compaq in 1996, then a Tiny in 1999, but after that I've always built my own.

  Seth Haniel 13:06 30 Nov 2009

way back in 1983

  bremner 13:38 30 Nov 2009

Acorn Electron with a cassette player to load programs.

Followed by an Amiga 500 and then in 1993 my first 'real' PC, a Packard Bell Pentium I (60Mhz) with a 420MB hard drive and 8MB of RAM which cost me a whopping £1800 from PC World.

  Bingalau 13:45 30 Nov 2009

My first one was in 1999 and was a Compaq, I am still using the same monitor but have changed the PC for a Targa from Aldi or was it Lidl? Not to worry, I have had my money's worth from them.

  wee eddie 14:00 30 Nov 2009

bought at about the same time. A BBC and a Sinclair (Spectrum, I think it was)

The BBC survived, to be replaced by an Apricot.

  paul trotter 14:04 30 Nov 2009

Apologies if this thread covers the same ground as the one a couple of weeks ago! Our back-end system automatically starts a forum thread when we stick a new poll online...

At the moment, 20 percent of those who have responded had a computer not in our list. Which ones did we miss?

Paul Trotter, PCA

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