Where's the FE?

  ened 06:58 06 Mar 2006

I awoke this morning and, after reading the news, moved on to my favourite Forum.

I was confronted with several obscene, racist and probably illegal threads.

I will not move them up the list by telling the idiot what I think but I thought this forum was moderated 24/7.

They have been there for several hours: has the delinquent just been lucky?

  wiz-king 07:07 06 Mar 2006

No, there is only one FE and he likes to sleep for at least a couple of hours a night. Messages have been left in his in-tray.

  watchful 07:22 06 Mar 2006

They will soon be gone.

  ened 07:27 06 Mar 2006

My comments were not intended as a criticism of the FE - everybody has to sleep sometime and presumably get on with other things.

It is just that I read in another thread that he has several people who can stand in for him when he is off duty as it were.

  Djohn 08:30 06 Mar 2006

Yes, FE is not around this morning. I've phoned the mag and left a message for mag staff to deal with as soon as they come in at 9am.

  martjc 09:05 06 Mar 2006

...and it's still there - disgraceful!


Just kidding

  spuds 10:51 06 Mar 2006

A free forum and wanting 24/7 from the PCA staff!.

  johndrew 14:41 06 Mar 2006


...and it's still there - disgraceful!`

Simple answer... don`t get up so early!!!

Not that I agree with trashy threads.

  anskyber 15:28 06 Mar 2006

Even the FE sleeps. We know full well that had he been around the threads would not have lasted a micromillisecond. And rather like the programmes people do not like on the television there is always the on/off button! The key point with this site, particularly compared with others, is that action is taken and usually very quickly indeed.

  eqskey 15:40 06 Mar 2006

Quote~"several obscene, racist and probably illegal threads"
Did'nt see the mentioned post and it does sound nasty.

I play totally by the 'stated' rules but find that most of my posts are later removed by the FE's.I can understand why some members may feel frustrated.The criticism regarding many of my posts was in their 'style'. mmmmm.
So you can see why I maybe surprised that the FE is allowed to express his own views on life issues,including medical,should'nt he should be an independent and fair referee.
Let's not forget what pc should really mean in here.I hope to read this post again to-morrow!!

  dmc727 15:52 06 Mar 2006

Eqskey. There is one way for you – you’ll have to find a forum to moderate; - )

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