Where's the Editor ?

  KremmenUK 09:18 16 Jan 2011

In the latest mag the first page editorial starts off "A new has begun" !

Just thought I'd point it out :)

  johndrew 10:36 16 Jan 2011

Generally it's the job of a proof reader.

  jack O'lantern 10:54 16 Jan 2011

Means that the journalist is responsible for his own typo's and the 'Editor' and team check content,- for legality and so forth and placement of the piece in the paper - this applies these days to all print media I think.

So that little typo was possibly clumsy electronic cut'n'paste more than anything else I would suggest.

  Cymro. 11:14 16 Jan 2011

When you think of the billions of words put in to print it is surprising that so few such errors make it through to the final product.

  wee eddie 12:42 16 Jan 2011

The Editor is an ex-Grauniad Staffer!

  Forum Editor 00:31 17 Jan 2011

it was an error, and we apologise.

All those concerned have had the company Mercedes confiscated.

  KremmenUK 07:12 17 Jan 2011

Wasn't me, I missed it. It was the daughter !

  QuizMan 10:35 17 Jan 2011

Generally, I find PCA error free. This one is so noticeable because the error is within the first three words of the magazine.

  johndrew 13:55 17 Jan 2011

"All those concerned have had the company Mercedes confiscated."

I hope 'they' don't all try to drive it at once; could get crowded in there!!


Is a committee of drivers likely to design a camel instead of the planned horse (or in this case a 'round robin' route)?

  jakimo 14:00 17 Jan 2011

It should read 'A new year has begun'

  Kevscar1 14:17 17 Jan 2011

how do you know it wasn't A new decade has begun

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