Where would you like to live?

  spuds 11:47 07 Oct 2006

Are you more than happy with dear old UK, or would a tropical, perhaps a colder, or more hostile or even a friendlier scene be more to your liking.

North, South, East or West of this globe. Perhaps you have been there before, or watched a documentary or travel brochure. Where would you choose, either now or perhaps in your retirement plans?.

  spuds 12:22 07 Oct 2006

pattoo-- Have some friends holidaying there click here at this moment.Their second trip in 10 months.

  Dizzy Bob 12:31 07 Oct 2006

50 yards from the sea, in a small village near Bognor Regis. Beautiful Sussex Downs nearby, and Brighton 45 minutes away if I fancy something more 'exciting'

Fantastic place to bring up my two children, god schools, 20 minutes 'commute' to work.



  Dizzy Bob 12:32 07 Oct 2006

*good schools!

  FRCS 12:53 07 Oct 2006

I'm looking to move from London to the West Country mainly as i want to get out of London and move closer to family.

  spikeychris 13:04 07 Oct 2006

Canada - I was offered a job and pleaded with Mrs spikeychris to go. She's a Lancashire girl - that means a move of half a mile is a great upheaval that requires counselling with months of psychoanalysis.

  Forum Editor 13:43 07 Oct 2006

on the North Norfolk coast - between Titchwell and Sheringham.

I hesitate to talk about it too much in case thousands of people move there, and spoil the solitude.

Selfish, moi?

  FRCS 13:43 07 Oct 2006

Trouble i have is i can only move if i can get a Consultants post of the same grade as i am now. I really don not want to go down to Snr Reg after spending the last 7 years leading a great team of people. But i would mover to |Somerset tomorrow if the right job came up.

  ade.h 13:59 07 Oct 2006

Chris - ROFL! If you had gone, I for one would be jealous. Lovely country. I have some relatives who moved to Victoria on Vancouver Island in the 70s, when it was easier to get entry, and they love it so much.

  ade.h 14:01 07 Oct 2006

Actually, I say easier - it was for them because they were both employed by a Canadian company. The company stationed them in Africa for a year, which they hated, but it functioned as a stepping stone when they decided not to come back to the UK.

  Totally-braindead 14:07 07 Oct 2006

I think I would miss dear old dreary, constantly raining Scotland ( shouldn't really say that after the fantastic year we have had I suppose )but if I had a choice of where to leave I would seriously consider Greece. Thinking primarily of a place called Plakias on the South coast of Crete. Heres a website dedicated to it click here I fell in love with the place last time I was there.

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