Where would you keep a £Million?

  WhiteTruckMan 13:12 22 Sep 2007

following on from the recent northern rock debacle, if you had a serious amount of money, i.e. a million upwards, where would you put it if you wern't spending it? The stock market (or anything market related)? A nice 'safe' bank? The mattress? somewhere else?


  Clapton is God 13:25 22 Sep 2007

Under a rock??

But not the Northern Rock.

  jack 13:57 22 Sep 2007

I would not keep it at all.
If the situation was that you had no immediate need- got a roof over your head ,got a car, kids taken care of etc.,etc.,

Simply give it to your most favourite cause where it would the most good- a local hospice comes to mind.
Then the worry of what is happening to it will gone to be replaced with a feel good glow- what could be better.

  FungusBoggieman 14:04 22 Sep 2007

where I do now in the bank

  spuds 14:23 22 Sep 2007

One or more lottery winners have had that type of money, and their attitude was Spend Spend Spend (and never regretted doing so)!.

  techie4me 14:47 22 Sep 2007

Away from the Tax Man!!!!

  Cymro. 15:29 22 Sep 2007

Spend, spend, spend and just leave enough over to keep me in my quickly approaching old age.

  Bingalau 15:46 22 Sep 2007

By the time I spread it out amongst the children, grand children and great grand children. I wouldn't have a lot left to worry about. So I would just keep it in the bank as normal.

  blanco 19:14 22 Sep 2007

In a small (it would have to be with only one million) apartment somewhere near Lord's so I didn't have to get up stupidly early when the Test matches were on.
It's not likely to lose its value either.

  Stuartli 20:10 22 Sep 2007

I'd keep it in my Northern Rock account and live off the interest.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:14 22 Sep 2007

what-You'd charge people to come and have a look at it because of its rarity value? :0)


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