Where would you cut back at the BBC?

  Cymro. 12:17 17 Jul 2010

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There are many who would like to see the BBC reduce its overheads especially if it will bring down the cost of the TV Licence.

However to reduce costs it would probably have to cut back on some services and programs. Even if they did pay less to the executives and star performers there is still the probability that they would like to cut programs and services.

So where would you make the cuts in programs and services? I take it as read that we are all willing to see high cost executives and star performers receiving less money.

Personally I think far too much is spent on sport. I have no love for the Sky organisation but as for as I am concerned you could leave all sports programing to them. I also wonder if 24 hour pop music is not best left to the commercial radio stations.

  john bunyan 13:05 17 Jul 2010

I agree with you.
1. Reduce spending drastically on DAB radio. FM is quite enough, is greener and as far as I am concerned Radio 4 is great - maybe one or two others, the rest could be left to commercial people. DAB radio, unlike DAB TV is, for me , an unnessesary expense.
2. Scrutinise size of teams - I believe the last Olympics BBC team was more than the number of UK athletes. They could use more locals on occasions.
3. I agree re sport - I am particularly annoyed when football and tennis replace other programmes . By all means have a sport channel.

  Cymro. 13:19 17 Jul 2010

It was only a few months ago that I was given a DAB Radio. The kids never know what to give their father as a birthday present. I am very pleased with it. It receives Radio7 a station that I think you would like. Like yourself I am a big fan of Radio4. I also find it receives Radio5 better than my old FM set.

As someone who listens to radio on headphones at all hours of the night it is something that is very important to me. The reason for the headphones is so that I don`t disturb the wife who sleeps peacefully all night oblivious to whatever I am listening to.

  michaelw 13:25 17 Jul 2010

I think the BBC has always given good value in return for the cost of the license fee.

But maybe now I'm changing my mind when I see how much the execs are earning and how much they spend on junkets and how many repeats, and repeat of repeats there are. If this extracting the urine philosophy goes on much longer maybe they'll have to become a commercial organisation and that would be a terrible shame.

  Cymro. 13:33 17 Jul 2010

Has anyone actually ever been through the entire BBC website?
It is an excellent website and probably among the best on the Internet. I use it myself quite often but does it really need to be so big? It must cost a lot of money to maintain update etc. I know that the BBC is supposed to be as much about education as entertainment but I think there may be room to save a few bob here.

  AL47 13:50 17 Jul 2010

Scrap dab and all the non fm stations

Reduce the number of correspondents around the world

reduce the more expensive sports.. I love f1 but bet its expensive

Cut the pay of the top earjers..like presenters

Cut the extra BBC channels.. and just have one say BBC 3.. news 24 I think is good tho

I think the fee is far too much and should be sub 100 pounds

  Forum Editor 15:01 17 Jul 2010

that the News Channel should go, it's not up to the standard set by the News site, but I suppose there will be those who say 'what about people who don't have internet access'?

I'm not so sure about sport.

The problem the BBC faces is that it isn't a commercial service - it is incorporated by Royal Charter, and must comply with the terms of an agreement established between itself and the British government. One of the crucial points of this agreement demands that the content of the BBC’s UK Public Services must be high quality, challenging,original, innovative and engaging, with every programme or item of content exhibiting
at least one of those characteristics.

That's a tall order, and even more so when you remember that it's the BBC's duty to try to appeal to all sections of society. It's an incredibly difficult task - one that no other UK broadcaster has to face.

We can all pick our least favourite aspects of BBC broadcasting, and say 'it must go', but if only it was that simple....

  mr simon 16:45 17 Jul 2010

I wouldn't mind if the BBC news channel went, the coverage from Sky is good enough to replace it, but if we lose BBC News how long before Sky News follows Sky Sports News onto pay only?

As for sports, keep the football, tennis and F1, the rest can be scrapped :)

  Noldi 17:00 17 Jul 2010

Bargain hunt cash in the attic etc total waste of money, 60min make over type programs.


  sunnystaines 18:09 17 Jul 2010

cut back on the high wages bill paid to presenters etc

  rdave13 18:28 17 Jul 2010

I thought that the BBC were already cutting down on, or trying to, overheads. Can't remember the exact figure but is it about £12pm on DD? Not bad for the services we get. Internet, radio and TV. With freesat you get HD.
Possibly it's the public that should hang it's head in shame; click here

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