Where will it all end...

  Grey Goo 14:01 15 Sep 2008

To cap all the financial gloom there is now talk of the £4.00 pint of Stella Artois amongst others.

  Clapton is God 14:09 15 Sep 2008

So what's the problem?

Go to Wetherspoons where you can still buy a pint of REAL ale for less than £2.50.

Why pay any sort of money for fizzy tasteless gnat's urine?

  peter99co 14:37 15 Sep 2008

At £2.50 a pint for Real Ale they can keep it.

It is no wonder the Pubs are going out of business

  dagbladet 14:46 15 Sep 2008

...and "REAL" ale is warm and flat and smells of my grandads underpants (I just know).

  tullie 15:56 15 Sep 2008

If your pints warm and flat,suggest you change pubs

  Clapton is God 16:40 15 Sep 2008

.... and if you're into smelling your granddad's underpants, I suggest that you may want to look for an alternative hobby.

  dagbladet 19:47 15 Sep 2008

It's not a hobby, it's care.

  Grey Goo 19:55 15 Sep 2008
  oresome 19:58 15 Sep 2008

To add flavour to the 'gnats urine', you can add a shot of lime for around 40p. A rip off if ever there was one.

Some of Wetherspoons customers are a little offputting, but the buildings can be interesting, often converted from something that was once much grander.

  peter99co 20:15 15 Sep 2008

Part of the cost of a beer goes to the upkeep of the PUB but I would think £4 is likely to put off even drinkers with deep pockets. Does anyone dare to buy a round these days? I packed in when we had to stump up a £1 for four pints of bitter.

  Grey Goo 20:56 15 Sep 2008

Reminds me of the joke:
"What's the difference between a .....man and a Coconut"

"You can get a drink out of a Coconut"

(fill in the missing word as your prejudice dictates)

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