Where there is no smoke.....................

  jack 20:27 26 Jun 2009

What could trigger a smoke alarm?

Having staggered indoors with a bag of shopping- took a little rest and a drink on this fine hot day,then proceeded to unpack and put away.
Suddenly the upstairs smoke alarm started off its hooting.
For a moment I was perplexed- was it a vehicle out side reversing?
No definitely indoors- the upstairs one.
No smoke - not fire- so what caused it to trigger.
Then I wondered - I was engaged in opening a tray of Beef Medallions [ASDA 'Whoops' half price- three good steak type meals there for less than 80p a go]then individually wrapping in cling film as individual portions.
So could it be a waft of protein carried upstairs to start it off do you think?

it's usually a blockage of some sort or it needs cleaning, i have mains ones and have to take covers off and get vacuum in there every 6 months or so.
obviously battery ones will give a low life alarm.

draft from door moving fluff/ dust etc?

  lotvic 21:52 26 Jun 2009

as adman 2 has said it was obviously 'a low life alarm' and Jack had just come in....

  Bingalau 22:03 26 Jun 2009

lotvic. That's a bit strong isn't it?

  lotvic 22:13 26 Jun 2009

~Well it was strong enough to set the alarm off~

Sorry, I couldn't resist, I'm feeling perverse tonight as I don't seem to be able to get a look in at Brumas' postcards. Haven't been able to guess/find any for weeks and weeks :o(

Sorry Jack, hope you've had a good laugh at it :)

  jack 23:09 26 Jun 2009

Thats twice as bad as Friday the 13th isnt it?

Forum Member -The moth -it got wrapped too - good protein there.
Adman & Lotvic
'Low Life' life just gives an occasional 'Tweet'
This was strident, for about 10 or less seconds
and as I dont tweet or twit - the assumed implication does not apply- low life indeed

  WhiteTruckMan 23:12 26 Jun 2009

that sometimes high humidity can set ours off.


  Brumas 23:20 26 Jun 2009

Just make sure that you don't take your hat off whilst standing under one then ;o)

  WhiteTruckMan 23:37 26 Jun 2009

is relatively safe. I do, however, have to be carefull where I remove my boots, and where I leave them..


  Brumas 23:43 26 Jun 2009


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