Where Microsoft went wrong with W8

  wee eddie 18:59 18 Mar 2014

I think that I have worked out where Microsoft went wrong with W8.

I have been following W8 since it launched, it was to be my excuse to buying a new PC. However the Metro Interface put me off, I was prepared to make certain adjustments, as one has to with every new iteration of a piece of software, but the Metro Interface was a step too far.

I now realise how M$ should have introduced the Metro Interface.

W8 should have launched with an upgraded Standard Interface, and the Metro Interface, should have been hidden like an Easter Egg.

I'll be willing to bet that the Internet would have been buzzing with links to this really cool Interface, that you could have on your PC with, or without, a Touchscreen. Job done!

  bremner 19:03 18 Mar 2014

You were making a reasoned argument until you put M$ when your true colours emerged.

  wee eddie 19:12 18 Mar 2014

bremner: I have been a M$ user since Windows 2.1, I still use IE rather than the faster alternatives. I like Windows and have no gripe with them.

The M$ bit is just an indication that I feel that they use their monopolistic position in the market, to overcharge.

  Aitchbee 19:22 18 Mar 2014

I've just bought 2 second-hand laptops with Windows 7 Ultimate installed on both of 'em ... I cannot envisage an Ultimate version of Windows 8.

You are right, wee eddie, Microsoft have 'slipped up' with their new baby OS.

  Forum Editor 22:35 18 Mar 2014

The use of M$ and Micro$oft in critical posts about the company has always struck me as a rather juvenile way of making a point.

It's quite possible to criticise a company without resorting to that.

  wee eddie 23:50 18 Mar 2014

FE: yes it's possible, but it saves a lot of typing. It's not their software that I'm criticising but their attitude.

Having said that, were I in a monopolist in their position, I'd probably be maximising my profit as well.

  fourm member 08:55 19 Mar 2014

I nearly went to work for a trade body to do with mobile phones just as the 'new generation' of phones was coming into being. At the time, the industry was talking about an additional feature called SMS that had been added just because it could be but wasn't expected to be widely used.

I don't know if the phone companies were being as clever as wee eddie says Microsoft should have been but it does show that consumers have a perverse way of rejecting what they are told is good and deciding for themselves.

  spuds 10:33 19 Mar 2014

Perhaps well off bat here, but isn't this just another case of a 'must have' society, when previous was or still is just as good and reliable?.

On a personal note, I have many gadgets that I will never use to their full capacity, because I don't fully understand them, or I am totally satisfied what I can perhaps achieve from them, on a limited scale?.

Perhaps that's all to do with an age thing, I really wouldn't know or really care. Especially if it involves wasting money, as I might see it!.

  Forum Editor 14:27 19 Mar 2014

wee eddie

Your point about maximising profit is the key thing here. Anyone who runs a business with shareholders has a duty to maximise their return on investment, and it's a balancing act - you have to make as much money as possible without causing an adverse market reaction.

Microsoft has obviously enjoyed many years of high revenues, mainly produced by the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office. Over the last seven years or so my feeling has been that the company lost its direction a bit, and the departure of Bill Gates in terms of the day to day direction of the business played a huge part in that process.

Times, they are a changing, and even the biggest corporations must adapt or die. let's see what a new pair of hands on the company tiller will do.

  wee eddie 16:09 19 Mar 2014

I feel somewhat miffed!

I put up an idea about how I think that Microsoft could have successfully launched the Metro Interface.

However, I find that that is being totally ignored and I am defending the use of a Dollar sign. I wish I had never opened my mouth.

  chub_tor 16:48 19 Mar 2014

I like the Metro Interface, it is a simple way of seeing all my applications and a quick way of opening them. I don't think that they got it wrong at all.

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