Where Have I Heard That Before?

  laurie53 10:02 21 Dec 2007

It appears that heavy discounting has already started.

"Other data has shown UK retail sales to be at 12-month lows in December."

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To mix a few metaphors, has the worm (the ripped off consumer) finally turned, or have the retailers finally killed the goose (the ripped off consumer) that lays the golden eggs?

Somehow I doubt it and they'll all be recording record sales and profits over the festive season once again.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:33 21 Dec 2007

It is absolutely nothing to do with 'worms turning' but to do with unsteady house prices that are heading south when people have borrowed against them, mortgae special 3 year offers are ending at Xmas people totally maxxed out on credit/loans and job security. Put all these together and people are not spendong as much because they are errrrrmmmmm....skint and errrrrmmmmm, their line of credit has gone. With the amount of choice available and research at most people's finger tips, anyone who is 'ripped' off deserves all they get.


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