Where have all the England players gone?

  Quickbeam 09:01 28 May 2008

click here Just one reason why a country with such a large population can't compete with the rest of the world...

  anskyber 09:25 28 May 2008

They are all playing for Man U who have 5-6 first teamers who are England internationals.

If you want to play the best then play in the teams with the best. In the post 1966 phase with English players in the first division we were average then and remain average now.

  birdface 10:40 28 May 2008

What happened was the schools and councils sold off all the playing fields to build houses,So less kids took up sports.[football-Rugby Etc]

  Noldi 11:47 28 May 2008

Surely you can find 11 gooduns out of 170?.


  Stuartli 12:46 28 May 2008

The problem for Premiership clubs is that instant success is the expectation, so they buy established stars no matter what their country of origin.

That means young English players, unless exceptional such as Wayne Rooney, don't get the opportunities to make their mark early on in their career.

On the other hand the Premiership does have on show some of the world's finest footballers and the standard is the envy of the rest of the soccer world.

  Jim Thing 12:46 28 May 2008

"...the schools and councils sold off all the playing fields..."

...while the suits who look after the commercial interests of the top English clubs wished to worship at the shrine of Rupert, so they built an unsinkable golden lifeboat called the Premiership. This ensured that their coffers would become awash with obscene amounts of cash donated by Murdoch so that his Sky telly could have all the Premiership matches to itself, while the cash, in turn, ensured that the club managers could afford to hire the world's best players, thereby virtually eliminating any danger that their clubs might fall out of the lifeboat.*

The notion that unlimited amounts of cash were available in return for minimal effort spawned a whole new sub-species in the shape of the player's agent, a breed with a remarkable and profitable ability to gallop around the negotiating table being fed both by his client and the club seeking to hire him. Thus, when every player's agent in the world smelled the lovely lolly, he naturally fell over himself to get his paws on some of it, and as a result the Premiership became flooded with overseas players, closing off most of the opportunities for home-grown talent to play at the top level — and leaving the national team to pay the price of greed.

In my opinion Rupert Murdoch has a great deal to answer for.

* Admittedly there is a nominal promotion/relegation arrangement but in practice it seems to function largely as a yo-yo for the lesser Premiership clubs while giving the likes of Derby County and Reading an occasional brief taste of the high life.

  Si_L 14:22 28 May 2008

Arsenal are an absolute disgrace to english football. An average of 0.34 Englishmen in the starting line-up.

Before you start moaning, my team are all English with one Irish player!

  Snec 23:19 28 May 2008

Football is big business. To suceed in business requires the best people that the business can afford. In football that is (with a few exceptions) foreign players, sadly.

  mrwoowoo 23:26 28 May 2008

But where did they come in the league?
Would you stop supporting them if they only had one english player? No,of course you wouldn't.
Don't support them myself,but they have played the best football i have seen in the premiership for many a season.
Don't call Arsenal a disgrace or FE will wield the silver mouse. (O:!

  WhiteTruckMan 23:36 28 May 2008

but I firmly believe that the members of a national team should at least be citizens of that nation, if not actually born there. Likewise managing said teams. be it football or eurovision or olympic atheletes. (and no fast tracking of citizenship papers either). Otherwise its little better than an exercise in who can spend the most money buying up the best talent around the world before someone else snaps them up.

And where's the sportsmanship in that?


  Forum Editor 23:55 28 May 2008

it's just someone's opinion, after all.

Calling a football club "an absolute disgrace to English football" because they employ non-English players is a bit daft nowadays, isn't it? Our league is the envy of the world. The best players in the world want to play here, and if you prevent our premier league clubs from signing them it would be a disaster.

Like it or not, 'English football' as you call it is big business, and it needs the best players if it is to mmaintain the highest standards. At the moment, as Snec has rightly pointed out, home-grown world-class footballers aren't exactly hanging around on every street corner.

The answer is to produce more top-class players, and that means focusing on the club academies - that's where the talent can be spotted and developed. I think the clubs are well aware of this, and are working very hard on it. Arsenal's youth team has been one of the most successful in the country, and I believe the current squad has over 20 English players out of around 30.

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