Where do they do?

  ened 12:57 01 Jun 2008

Last night my wife sent an email to my AOL address from her AOL address through our shared router (she:wireless/Me:ethernet).

The address was definitely correct and it shows in her Sent Items.

I haven't received it and it is not in my AOL spam folder online.

This is not the first time and it would be interesting to know where these messages end up if not with the recipient.

  rawprawn 13:02 01 Jun 2008

In the Ether, but not netted? -:)

  WhiteTruckMan 13:05 01 Jun 2008



  lotvic 14:01 01 Jun 2008

she could send you another one to see if that gets through.

The first one could be stuck on a server somewhere (in the ether..) Servers don't always behave ;)

  ened 14:09 01 Jun 2008


She just has and it is lost as well!!!

She is picking my address up from her Contacts so I know that is correct.

I just sent her one and it went straight through.

WhiteTruckMan is probably correct - either that or it has been intercepted by the security services!!!

  interzone55 14:48 01 Jun 2008

Network data-packets all have a time to life flag, this normally starts at 64 and is decreased by one as it passes through a router.

Normally it would take a maximum of 10 hops to go all around the world, but if a major router suffers an outage, or there's a break in one of the backbone cables (as happened in the Indian Ocean the other week) a packet may have to take an unusual route, which involves more hops. If it takes more than 64 hops, so the flag drops to zero, then the packet is dropped.

With TCP/IP the sending server requests a receipt to say that all packets have arrived, so if a packet is lost it will be resent. A data packet is only 1500 bytes, but a short, text email will easily fit in 1500 bytes, so this message may have only taken up a single packet.

I don't know how long a program waits before resending lost packets, but if your wife shut her mail program down before it had chance to resend the lost packet it will never be resent.

  lotvic 14:55 01 Jun 2008

Has your wife tried clicking on 'reply to' one of your received emails (to see if it makes any diff to delivery)

  ened 15:38 01 Jun 2008

In answer to lotvic

Yes and it came straight back.

I normally use IE7 but I also had the AOL browser open and I got the [Joanna Lumley] voice saying:
"You've got Mail" almost as soon as she had hit the send button.

This is going to remain one of those mysteries, like losing odd socks in Launderettes!

  wiz-king 16:04 01 Jun 2008

They can take days to arrive, sometimes long after you have got back home. I have known e-mails to be stuck in the system for days, don't know where they get stuck.

  ol blueeyes 16:08 01 Jun 2008

The answer is oh so simple it went to Mr Gordon Brown

  ened 16:12 01 Jun 2008

I'll be getting a telephone call early tomorrow morning then!

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