Where did they get my name from

  jack 14:00 05 May 2008

is an often posed question, with reference to Spam.
It becomes even more interesting/puzzling when a new user, who because of various issues had not really got going
-----click here
eventually with my help got sorted in the last hour.
His in box was filled to brimming with 2072 mails
2060 of which was Spam.
So where did the spammers get this address from?

  dagbladet 14:09 05 May 2008


  newman35 14:13 05 May 2008

Maybe the clue was "eventually with my help he...."

  interzone55 14:17 05 May 2008

This is an interesting point.

A couple of years back an AOL staffer was arrested for selling hundreds of millions of email addresses to spammers. This action was prompted by complaints that brand new AOL email addresses seemed to come ready filled with spam.

Your case is slightly different, the account has been running a while, but hasn't been used much, I would say that your friend has probably used the email address to register somewhere, and they've passed the address on. I found that my pristine, spam free gmail account was suddenly inundated with about 20 - 30 spams a day after registering for Myspace, luckily gnail has some very effective spam filters so this doesn't bother me in the slightest...

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