Where did my TAX TAX TAX post go? :(

  donki 11:40 31 Oct 2006

Anyone know? Did smone say sumthing stupid in it and the FE closed it?

  anskyber 11:47 31 Oct 2006

Could be. There were profanities in it so it probably has gone the way of such threads.

  hijo 12:20 31 Oct 2006

hiya DONKI like i said yesterday there was the use of swear words as in the chariters like "#@*" ect & "fe" & others dont like it,it makes no differance to me to be honest but i belive that kids & people from all ages use this forum so i belive if it was deleted that could be why m8,if u still want to know email the "FE" if your sure its been deleted & not moved to another area,
hope this helps m8

  donki 13:25 31 Oct 2006

Thanks,it was a good discussion just. Probablt my fault as was in a really bad mood yesterday.

  [email protected] 17:25 31 Oct 2006

I don't think threads about political issues are allowed

  Forum Editor 17:52 31 Oct 2006

because it contained unacceptable language.

  rodriguez 22:02 01 Nov 2006

Tut tut tut.

  Sapins 22:09 01 Nov 2006

Why not just delete the unacceptable language?

  lisa02 22:15 01 Nov 2006

Why use it in the first place?

To me it shows a lack of basic vocabulary/manners if you use foul language to express yourself.

  rodriguez 22:18 01 Nov 2006

Lisa's right - yeah I swear a lot but I don't put it on websites because no one else wants to hear it. I live on my own so I think nothing of shouting obceneties at an idiot on the telly or something I've just broke - but when other people are there to hear it I don't. Bad language often offends some people and even though it doesn't really offend me, I don't use it in front of people I don't know.

  Totally-braindead 22:52 01 Nov 2006

rodriguez may I say that is a very sensible attitude and I wish some of the others would show the same restraint.

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