Where could I get a spare key cut for my car?

  geek84 12:38 12 Sep 2014

Hi folks

I recently bought a 2nd key remote control fob for my car - its a Seat Ibiza 2011. I bought the key fob off ebay for around £10.

However, the key blade needs cutting in order to fit my car.

Apart from the dealer, could someone please advice, where I could get that done from?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

  BT 12:50 12 Sep 2014

Timsons Shoe repairs, watch repairs, key cutting can do most types of car keys. They have stores all over.

Car keys

  spuds 13:45 12 Sep 2014

Agree with BT's suggestion. The Timpsons stores that I know have a machine to check the original key, and then can advice if they can cut another key to suit. Be warned though, that not all key codes are available to Timpsons.

In which case, look around locally for places advertising vehicle key replacement cutting, and ask there. Where I live, there are four outlets that seem to have all the equipment, but it doesn't come cheap. And total replacements of a vehicle locking system isn't either, especially from main dealers?.

  Woolwell 15:08 12 Sep 2014

spuds - Your trademark ? 's are misleading. Are you asking whether it's dearer from main dealers or stating a fact?

I lost a key a few years ago and the only way I could get a replacement was from the main dealer and it was expensive. Lesson learnt!

  bumpkin 16:32 12 Sep 2014

It depends what type of key it is. You say it is remote control, is that just to lock & unlock or does it need to sync with the ignition.

  geek84 19:12 12 Sep 2014

Thanks for your advice, folks.

Any further advice much appreciated.

  bumpkin 20:45 12 Sep 2014

If you can tell us what kind of key it is some one may be able to help.

  martd7 21:20 12 Sep 2014

Ill say timpsons as well I needed a spare for my Citroen c3,plain key doesnt do remote central locking just put key in door,£60 good for a spare,if i wanted it programmed cost was £100 or £232 from citroen!

  bumpkin 21:45 12 Sep 2014

mart7, I have a c4 and 2 keys but should I need a replacement £60 sounds ridiculous.

  martd7 12:10 13 Sep 2014

Thought it was reasonable to say Citroen dealer wanted £232

  chub_tor 10:32 14 Sep 2014

There are several mobile locksmiths in our area, I found the one that I used via a simple Google search. He came out with the blanks, copied the mechanical key from the old one, plugged his laptop into the service port of the car, went on line and found the code needed, flashed the EEPROM inside the new key and checked that it started the car. Start to finish 20 minutes and £90, this was for a 2009 Ford Focus.

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