Where can I get some more hours in the day?

  pj123 22:23 28 Jul 2004

When I retired (about 4 years ago) I thought Great! I can sit at home all day and do my own thing. I have lots of reel to reel tapes to transfer to CD and also I would like to transfer my old Beta tapes to DVD (in case my Beta recorder packs up). Not so. I am still getting lots of calls from old pupils I taught (I was a City and Guilds (NVQ) teacher for a County Council) who have problems with their computers. I find I am out most days sorting out other peoples problems. How did I find the time to go to work?

  Forum Editor 22:38 28 Jul 2004

I hear the 'how did I find time to work' question quite often, and I guess it's an indication of a rich and fulfilling life in retirement.

A client of mine retired from a life in the international banking industry a year ago. He was based in Hong Kong for thirteen years, and when the time came to call it a day he said there was nothing for him in the UK any more - he had been away for so long. He 'retired' to Sydney where he said he was going to organise his music collection (any bells ringing?) and do his own thing (ringing noise deafening yet?). He spent a couple of months doing his own thing, found it mindlessly boring, and bought a franchise in an Australian travel agency. he rang me the other day to arrange a couple of days consultancy with me on his forthcoming trip to the UK, and I asked him how it was going.

You know what he said, don't you pj123? Enjoy the rest of your new life.

  pj123 23:23 28 Jul 2004

Thanks FE. I hear what you are saying (and the bells). Yes, I reckon I know what he said, and I am enjoying my new life (don't have to get up in the morning if I don't want to etc...) I am quite happy to sort out other peoples problems but I would still like some more hours to do my thing. I find it very difficult to say "Sorry, I can't help you, find someone else". How can I? I taught them in the first place. I can't let them down now.

  Forum Editor 23:47 28 Jul 2004

and it's a pity that a few more people don't think the same way.

Continue to spare some time for us in all this though, won't you? I've got used to having you around - after all, we've been together for nearly four years now, and I would hate to lose you to a bunch of beta tapes.

  justme 11:13 29 Jul 2004

Just wait a while and Brussels will sort out your problems by making the day metric. There will be 10 hours in the day (you will still only work 8 of them) and to compensate for the new longer euro hour there will be 100 minutes to the hour.

This should make more time available to you to not only sort out other peoples problems but also leave time over to allow you to do your own thing.:-))

  LastChip 16:59 29 Jul 2004

pass them my way please.

There's so much to do, I can't imagine how people get bored!

  pj123 17:50 29 Jul 2004

FE, that's the other problem of course. When I log on to the Forum I can't get off. So, I have set up another PC to do all the transferring of Audio to CD and Video to DVD. Now I find I am jumping from one PC to the other. Keeps me active, and alive! Every morning I wake up and think "Oh good, I am still here"

  pj123 17:56 29 Jul 2004

LastChip, I never get bored. I have had 6 phone calls today from people with problems. All except one sorted over the phone. The one exception is bringing his PC in to me (cos he is going on holiday, so I have 2 weeks to sort it out).

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