Where Can I Buy Bird Nappies?

  fourm member 09:17 19 Apr 2014

They must be available because otherwise how could Portland be sure of providing 'clean, cold and constant water'

For once the cliché about the dose makes the poison is appropriate.

  john bunyan 09:27 19 Apr 2014

I am sure believers on homeopathic medicine would approve of the wastage; some would regard it as medicinal - although even I would baulk if a further 166,665 people did the same and they left it in there. I did hear that London water has been drunk a few times before delivery...

  Forum Editor 10:16 19 Apr 2014

I think people understand very well that birds and fish defecate in reservoirs. It's not a problem because biology takes care of it long before the water comes out of your tap.

In Oregon they obviously feel a degree of sensibility about a half litre or so of human urine in 38 million gallons of water. It's their water, so I suppose they can do as they wish.

  fourm member 11:02 19 Apr 2014

'In Oregon they obviously feel a degree of sensibility'

But this is nonsense and sensibility. Never mind that the urine of a healthy human is completely non-toxic, the dilution is so extreme that draining the reservoir is a complete waste of money.

And without getting all moralistic, I do find it rather offensive when many millions of people drink water that is genuinely unsafe every day because they can't get anything else.

  Forum Editor 11:21 19 Apr 2014

"I do find it rather offensive"

Apart from that, it's irrational when you consider that the State of Oregon is currently experiencing something of a water shortage - the Governor has recently declared a drought in three counties, and a drought emergency in one other county.

  john bunyan 11:28 19 Apr 2014

I imagine that Thames Water's ideas may not be popular in Oregon!

Water">http://">Water treatment of sewage

  spuds 11:30 19 Apr 2014

When I saw the title I thought that this thread was going to be more of a wind-up. But in all eventualities it could be rather serious!.

Regarding urine, then it can have many benefits to some people. In fact some people consume their own urine on a daily basis, thinking that it is beneficial to them.

I don't know how it stands nowadays, but in caving circles it was once a noted thing, that if you had a lead acid battery leak, then you knew who your friends were?.

  john bunyan 11:32 19 Apr 2014

Try another link:

Thames Water

The first link said on average the existing water in London has been drunk 7 times before, as well as the new proposal.

  Brumas 12:52 19 Apr 2014

For a minute i thought you were referring to this click here because they may be needed!

  sunnypete 13:30 19 Apr 2014

MechKB wasn't there something in one of the James Bond stories, "that's what the fishermen do"...

  john bunyan 14:38 19 Apr 2014


In Thunderball, James Bond pulled two sea urchin spines out of Domino's foot with his teeth. She referred to the other method as you say. I believe vinegar is more effective.....

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